Accountanting is a great career path for INTJs

As analytical problem solvers, INTJs strive to understand and improve complex systems. They're achievement-oriented people for whom there's no such thing as too much knowledge. Though INTJs excel at abstract thinking, they love the challenge of putting their solutions to work in reality. They're perfectionists and highly attuned to detail. They value logic, order, and efficiency. If you're an INTJ, you're fortunate: three hot careers for INTJs made CNN Money's list of the best jobs in America.

Database Administrator

INTJs who excel at logical thinking might consider a career as a database administrator. Thanks to the sheer volume of data generated by e-commerce, the demand for database administrators is growing by leaps and bounds. Database administrators are responsible for managing an organization's vital information. They use database software to analyze user needs and determine the most efficient way to store and organize data. imageTo become a database administrator, you'll need to earn a Bachelor's degree in information technology, database administration, or applied computer science. Consider getting certified in specific database software (for example, SQL Server, Oracle, or Sybase).

Biomedical Engineer

A career as a biomedical engineer is a great fit for INTJs who are skilled in drawing on talents from widely-varied fields to accomplish their goals. Biomedical engineers combine engineering talent with biological and medical knowledge in order to develop devices and procedures that solve health-related problems. Some biomedical engineers design prostheses and artificial organs; others design imaging systems and microscopic instrumentation. If you're interested in a career as a biomedical engineer, you'll first want to earn a Bachelor's degree in electrical, chemical or mechanical engineering. Your job prospects would then be greatly enhanced by a Master's degree in biomedical engineering.

Certified Public Accountant

Detail-oriented INTJs should look into a career as a certified public accountant. CPAs can find employment in many venues, whether in business, in government, or self-employment. Some CPAs work with individuals and businesses to ensure that their taxes are prepared correctly and on time. Other CPAs audit companies' financial statements. Still others advise organizations about efficient technological means of bookkeeping. To pursue a career as a CPA, you must fulfill the requirements of the Board of Accountancy in your state. A Bachelor's degree, preferably in accounting, is a must, and a Master's degree is beneficial. You'll also need to pass the Uniform CPA Examination administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Hot careers for INTJs are those that utilize the Mastermind's well-honed abilities to process knowledge logically, then apply it to the development of effective solutions. Such skills are needed more and more in our complex modern world.

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