Type A personalities are competitive go-getters who strive for perfection. Because of their intense drive, they’ll stop at nothing to be number one in everything they do. But there’s more to a Type A’s personality than what you see on surface value. 

Whether you’ve recently discovered that you’re a Type A personality or you’ve known for years, check out these 12 Type A personality traits you’ll be sure to relate to.

1. You’re time-oriented

For a Type A personality, the aphorism ‘time is money’ rings true. Their time is valuable for many reasons, and they prize every second of the day. Because of their focus on time, a lot of Type As will feel that certain hobbies — such as having a Netflix marathon or playing video games — are a waste of time because they don’t contribute to their personal or professional goals. Type As will also start to feel upset when their time ticks by during a long wait at the doctor’s office, in a bank queue, or in other circumstances that are out of their control.

2. You feel misunderstood sometimes

Type As will come across plenty of Type Bs, Cs, and Ds in their lives, which can cause some clashes of perspectives. For instance, if you have a Type B friend, your friend’s laid-back attitude toward life may upset you. Vice versa, your Type B friend might think you’re too serious, too ambitious, or even cold if you’ve moved up the career ladder at the expense of a coworker. Type As are a strong personality, in a good way, but not everyone understands your perspective and drive.

3. You’re very competitive

One of the most well known Type A personality traits is their competitive nature—and not just in the workplace. Whether you’re playing an intense card game or you’re competing for ‘Employee of the Month,’ people will notice the amount of effort you put into whatever you do. But people will also notice your feelings of disappointment (and maybe even anger) when you don’t win. If you’ve got other Type As in your inner circle, you’re in for an intense competition, and maybe some hurt feelings if you all take it too far. 

4. You’re impatient

Similar to their aversion to wasting time, Type As experience impatience often. Because these types like to get the most out of their day, they have a low threshold for waiting around. You might have a hard time waiting for a variety of things where patience is required, and you don’t have much patience to spare. For example, you may be waiting for a promotion and feel so focused on landing it you feel more antsy about it each day. You might even start dreaming about getting the promotion or having nightmares that your co-worker landed the job instead of you.

Your impatience can be a hindrance to you, though, so it’s best to remember that a long line or waiting for something is sometimes worth it — even if it pains you.

5. You struggle to express your emotions

Type As are more focused on their goals than expressing their emotions. As a Type A, you may notice you have trouble talking about your feelings with others because being vulnerable makes you feel out of control — a feeling that makes you uneasy. You don’t have trouble revealing straightforward emotions like happiness or frustration, but when it comes to revealing your faults, sadness, or otherwise, you struggle.

6. You’re a control freak

A big indicator that you’re a Type A is your desire to remain in control of your life at all times, which isn’t always possible. When you’re going through a tough situation that’s out of your hands, you’ll feel lost because there’s no way for you to change what’s happening. Luckily, a Type A can learn to curb these feelings and take charge of what they can control. Of course, your controlling nature isn’t restricted to serious life moments—you’ll also feel the need to be in control in small ways. 

Small ways you seek control in the everyday? You prefer to be the one who drives, leads a team, or has full autonomy on a work project.

7. You have a strong temper

Type As aren’t always quick to anger, but when they are, it’s a sight to behold. Everyone can relate to having a bad day when nothing is going their way, but Type As are especially quick to anger when everything feels out of your control. Because you feel your time has been wasted, you’re unable to fix things, and so much has gone wrong, you’ll lose your patience. Those around you will notice you’re on a short fuse and become the recipients of your frustration (even if you don’t mean to blow up). 

If that scenario sounds familiar, you can practice taking a step back and meditating. You don’t have to let your temper win. Try deep breathing and remember what did go right during your week.

8. You prefer to stay busy

Being idle isn’t something most Type A personalities indulge in often. Instead, you work hard each and every day and find it difficult to relax. You’re the ‘workaholic’ of society and prefer to stay busy—even when you aren’t on the clock. Because of this, Type As are the ones known for working overtime, bringing their work with them on vacation, and picking up various side hustles.

9. You have laser-focus

Type As are ultra-productive when it comes to working on a project, and they possess what you might call a ‘laser-focus.’ Your ambitious, hard-working nature makes it easy to tune out the world and stay tuned in for hours on end.

10. You’re an incredible multi-tasker

Multi-tasking is not easy for everyone, but Type As excel at juggling a handful of tasks at a time. Because you tend to be efficient, you know how to prioritize tasks and jump from one thing to another without skipping a beat. Does that mean Type As don’t get overwhelmed by too much fast-paced multi-tasking? No! You may experience some anxiety and stress if your plate is overflowing, but you’ll still pull through to the other side victorious.

11. You’re efficient and organized

Bring a Type A to a messy desk and they will soon get it in order. These systematic types prefer efficiency and organization when it comes to work because they recognize they’ll be able to get more done if they can keep track of everything. 

12. You are practical and level-headed

Aside from losing your temper when things feel chaotic, as a Type A, you’re practical and steadfast. Your level-headed attitude is what makes you a sought after worker, friend, and partner. You try not to let your feelings get in the way of a logical decision in the workplace, which makes it easier for you to move up the ladder. This cool attitude doesn’t mean you’re cold—it just means you prefer to put yourself first when it comes to your goals and ambitions. You also offer objective advice for your friends and family, which is an invaluable trait.

In summary

If you’re a Type A, there are a lot of Type A personality traits that speak to your strengths, quirks, and weaknesses. Like other personality types, no one personality is ‘the best.’ With your unique skill set and devotion to hard work, you strive to be the best person you can be, but remember to take some time to yourself once in a while to eliminate stress. Sometimes, you just need to chill, Type A!

Cianna Garrison
Cianna Garrison holds a B.A. in English from Arizona State University and works as a freelance writer. She fell in love with psychology and personality type theory back in 2011. Since then, she has enjoyed continually learning about the 16 personality types. As an INFJ, she lives for the creative arts, and even when she isn’t working, she’s probably still writing.