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Find your ideal partner's personality type

Looking for the perfect match? Discover the personality type of your ideal mate...and where to find them.

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Which Personality Type is Your Love Match?

Ever wondered which personality type is most compatible with yours? While there aren't any hard and fast rules about which types work together and which don't, you can use the principles of personality type to figure out exactly what type of mate you're looking for. Whether you prefer to fall in love with a comforting soulmate or a challenging opposite, this quiz will help you discover exactly which personality type describes your true love.

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Use the Enneagram to find your match

Discover your core attraction factors and map your perfect pairing in the Enneagram system

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Which Enneagram Type is Your Ideal Partner?

Ever wondered which Enneagram type you're most compatible with? Take this quiz to identify your key attraction factors and discover which Enneagram personality type is the best match for your ideal mate.

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Find Your Travel Personality

Discover your travel style and find the perfect trip for you

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What’s Your Road Trip personality?

Are you more of a Zen Traveler or a Culture Hound? A Trip Maximizer or a Creature of Comfort? We teamed up with HearHere, the road trip storytelling app, to create this test based on the Big Five personality system — to help you find your ultimate road trip.

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Reveal your toxic traits

Learn which of your habits and behaviors are likely to get you cancelled!

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The Toxic Person Test

What type of toxic person are you? We're all a little difficult sometimes, but self awareness is the first step. Take this quick quiz to find out how your personality traits may get you cancelled.

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Discover your decision style

Explore how you make decisions, and what you prioritize when making a choice

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Decision Style Test

This test looks at how you make decisions when competing motivations are at play. You'll discover how you prioritize differing goals, and which drives are most influential in the choices you make.

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Understand your temperament

Explore your temperament according to Keirsey's theory

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The TypeFinder® Temperament Test

Are you a Preserver, a Responder, a Theorist or an Empath? Discover your fundamental approach to the world around you and unlock the secrets of your temperament type.

Temperament is a key component of personality, first described by David Keirsey and based on the theories of Isabel Briggs Myers. Your temperament type helps you to understand your values, your motivations, and how you appear to others.

So which of the four temperaments are you? Take this test to discover your temperament type.

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Get a quick look at your personality preferences

A quick, free test to give you a basic introduction to your personality type preferences.

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The TypeFinder® Research Edition

This brief research version of our best-selling TypeFinder Personality Test is designed to help you discover your 4-letter personality type code based on the system developed by Isabel Briggs Myers.

At the end of this quiz, we'll ask you a few survey questions about yourself, your life, and/or your opinions about things. These questions are optional but help us to publish interesting research about personality types. Take this test to learn more about yourself, and contribute to personality science too!

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