This test measures how you make decisions when competing motivations are at play. Developed as part of an undergraduate research project at Yale University, it reveals how you prioritize differing goals, and which drives are most influential in the choices you make.

To take the test, read each scenario and think about how you would respond. Mark your choice based on your confidence that you would choose one option over the other.


You have been offered a free scholarship for a year of highly-rated online classes. You must select between one of two packages: the first package is called “The Structure of Reality” and features lectures in biology, technology, engineering, and logical reasoning. The second package is called “The Human World” and features lectures in literature, art, music, and world culture.


You have won two prizes in a vacation raffle, but the rules dictate that you can only choose one prize. The first prize is a relaxing getaway to a place that is known for its calm, peacefulness, and tranquility. The second prize will send you on an adventure to a place known for its social scene, night life, and buzzing energy.


You won a cool new piece of artificially intelligent software in a raffle! It has two settings: Enhanced Exploration Mode or Enhanced Productivity Mode. Enhanced Exploration Mode will act like your own personal teacher for whatever new information, topics, and ideas you want to learn about and explore. Enhanced Productivity Mode will act like your own personal administrative assistant for all the work you need to complete, substantially increasing your work efficiency. You must permanently select one setting for the software before it can begin working.


During a holiday meal, your smart and talkative relative makes a political/philosophical point that you think might be wrong. At the very least, you have questions about their claim.


You made a joke during a meeting, and nobody really laughed.


There are two projects that you have been granted funding to pursue, but you only have time for one of these projects. The first project involves working in a competitive short-term position at a top firm. The second project involves pursuing important social work with a highly-respected non-profit. Either choice will likely lead to similar opportunities down the road.

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