Looking for a valid, reliable assessment that can help you choose the right candidates?

Truity has partnered with Talent Insights to offer a comprehensive, multidimensional assessment to help you better understand who your job candidates are, what motivates them, and how to effectively leverage their unique personalities.

The Talent Insights MAP assessment examines personality traits, motivational factors, and behavioral styles to give you multiple angles from which to view a candidate. 

A Talent Insights MAP subscription includes:

  • Executive reports to inform your hiring decisions.
  • Job Profiles uncover traits that your current top performers share so you can more easily identify promising candidates for a given role.
  • Powerful interview tools allow you to create a customized interview for each candidate based on their personality profile.
  • The Manager Comparison tool allows you to see how well an employee will work with a certain manager or how effectively two employees will team together.
  • All in an easy to use manager’s dashboard. 

Visit Talent Insights to find out more about how the MAP assessment can help you to choose the right candidates.

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