Are you passionate about personality psychology? Do you love to write? Does the thought of having your work published on a site with 3,000,000 monthly visitors get your motor running?

Of course it does! And—as luck would have it—at this very moment we're looking for talented, passionate writers just like you. If you want to write about personality type, we want to hear from you. Please read on for more details and instructions on applying.


You should be a skilled writer with a good grasp of grammar and the basic rules for web writing.

You should be able to write in an engaging, conversational tone.

You should be genuinely fascinated by personality psychology and personality typing (Jung's typology, Myers & Briggs', the Big Five, and/or the Enneagram) and how it can make our lives better.

You must be organized and productive, and able to meet deadlines and create high quality content on schedule.

If you can make us laugh (or even smile) with your writing, you're a shoo-in.


Truity is one of the most highly trafficked personality type sites on the web. We keep our content current and engaging with regular blog posts by creative, fun, and passionate writers.

Our visitors are interested in a variety of topics around personality type, including but not limited to:

  • Personality type in romantic relationships
  • Using personality type to choose a career path
  • Making the most of your personality type at work
  • Understanding how to use your personality type to develop to your full potential
  • Analyzing celebrity personality types

We're also interested in advice that's specific to a particular type. For instance, how can INFJs become more confident about communicating their ideas? How can ENFPs pick just one career out of the many (many, many) options that appeal to them? How can INTPs deal with family members, coworkers, etc. who just don't "get" their way of thinking?

Blog posts can be short (600-800 words) or longer (1000+ words) depending on the subject matter.


In addition to having your work read and loved by a very large audience, we offer competitive pay rates for blog posts and articles, typically $100-$150 per post depending on length. Pay rates may be negotiable for writers with special expertise and/or a substantial existing readership.


Anywhere! We have a global audience and encourage diverse points of view on the blog.


Please fill out the form below and we will review your work ASAP.


Tell us why you're interested in writing about personality type for Truity. This should be about 3-5 sentences.

Show us your stuff!

Please provide us with some samples of your work. If you have an existing blog or online portfolio, please provide the link in the form field below. If you do not have your work online, you may upload .doc or .pdf files for us to review.

Your writing sample(s) should demonstrate your ability to write clear, concise, and entertaining content.

You may upload files in .doc or .pdf format.
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