Find your Enneagram Type

Discover which of the 9 Enneagram types fits you best

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The Enneagram Personality Test

Which of the 9 Enneagram types fits you best? This short assessment will measure how well you fit with each of the nine Enneatypes, and graph your preferences so you can easily understand how you fit in to the Enneagram model of personality.
The Enneagram shows how our core beliefs about the world and the people around us guide our emotions, our behavior, and our relationships. Understanding your Enneagram type can help you to uncover hidden emotions, understand relationship dynamics, and develop better balance in your life.

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Discover your strengths

Explore the personal strengths that power your success

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Personal Strengths Inventory

What strengths and personal convictions keep you moving forward during hard times? What talents can you tap for more success at work and at home? Based on Martin Seligman's concept of character strengths and virtues, this inventory will help you to understand your unique personal strengths and how your values influence your individual path to happiness.

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Understand your behavior style

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DISC Personality Test

What's your behavior style at work? Are you an aggressive driver, or a supportive helper? Do you like to get people excited, or focus on the task at hand? Used frequently in large organizations, the popular DISC model classifies workplace behavior into four styles to help you to understand yourself and others.

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