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Go deep with our comprehensive Enneagram assessment

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The Enneagram Personality Test

Which of the 9 Enneagram types fits you best? This personality test can help you to discover where you fit in among the 9 Enneagram personality types.

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Explore the Enneagram at work

Learn how the Enneagram can help with teamwork, leadership, and productivity

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The Enneagram for the Workplace

This Enneagram personality test will help you quickly and accurately discover your Enneagram type and understand how it impacts you in the workplace. You'll see where you fit in among the 9 Enneagram personality types, and understand how your type drives your work style, your leadership style, and how you interact with your team.

Discounted group pricing and our easy-to-use Truity at Work platform make it easy to prepurchase assessments, track your group's progress, and review everyone's results.

Try the Enneagram for the Workplace yourself, or learn how to set up testing for your team.

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Find your Enneagram match

Explore how the Enneagram can help you find the right relationship

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Which Enneagram Type is Your Ideal Partner?

Ever wondered which Enneagram type you're most compatible with? Take this quiz to identify your key attraction factors and discover which Enneagram personality type is the best match for your ideal mate.

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