If you are interested in submitting a guest blog to be published on Truity, please carefully read the instructions below. Submissions that do not follow our guidelines will not be considered.

  1. Subject matter. We publish only posts related to personality psychology. This includes posts showing how one's personality type may impact various areas of life, as well as constructive advice for dealing with different personality styles in the workplace. We do not publish posts focusing on other areas of psychology, mental health, or well-being; nor do we publish general career or education planning advice. Please do not submit pitches or posts that do not relate specifically to personality psychology or personality types as they will not be reviewed.
  2. Topic selection. Prior to submitting, please review our recent posts on the Truity blog both to get an idea of the type of posts we publish, and to ensure you are not duplicating a topic we have already covered.
  3. Style. Submissions must be well-written in an engaging, conversational tone and should follow general guidelines for successful web writing. We may edit posts at our discretion before posting, however we do not accept submissions that require heavy editing before publication. In other words, please submit polished, professional work.
  4. Originality. We publish only posts which are exclusive to Truity and are not published elsewhere. Excerpts on your own blog are fine.
  5. Backlinks. You may include up to 4 backlinks to your site or other resources. Backlinked pages should provide a useful resource or educational opportunity to the reader.

You may submit either pitches or complete articles. If submitting a pitch, please note that we can advise you on topics that are likely to be successful, however we cannot guarantee that we will accept the submission until we review the completed post.

If we cannot accept your submission, we will notify you promptly.

Once you have reviewed the guidelines above, please use the below form to submit pitches and/or posts.


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