We're sorry, but the TypeFinder Facets assessment is no longer available on this site.

This assessment was part of a long-term research project which enabled the development of our new and improved TypeFinder personality assessment ($29). As the new research has now been incorporated into the TypeFinder assessment, we have ended the project.

What Can I Do Now?

You can try one of these other assessments which may meet your needs:

The TypeFinder Personality Test ($29) now includes an assessment of the 23 facets of personality previously measured by the TypeFinder Facets, as well as lots of other good stuff to help you to understand your personality type.

The 300-Question Personality Test is a free instrument that takes an extensive inventory of your personality traits.

The TypeFinder Research Edition is also free and provides a brief assessment of your type preferences.

If you have questions, you can email us at help@truity.com.