Announcing the new and very much improved TypeFinder® assessment

When we first published the TypeFinder assessment in 2013, our goal was to make it easy and affordable for professionals to test their clients, their employees, and their teams. We accomplished that goal—and, thanks to the feedback and requests from our new customers, promptly updated our to-do lists with...oh, just about 123,784 new items.

We're proud to announce that we've now achieved one of our biggest goals—publishing a new, updated, and totally expanded edition of the TypeFinder assessment. 

Three years ago, we began a research project into the elements of type. We wanted to know more about the nuances of personality—those individual traits that make a person more than an INFP or an ESTJ. Over many hundreds of hours of research, we discovered 23 facets of personality that make up personality type. These facets are what make you, you—beyond a four-letter code.

We've used this research to design the new and very much improved TypeFinder assessment. The new TypeFinder assesses not just the 4 main dimensions of type, but also provides scores for all 23 facets of type. Instead of providing a boilerplate type description, it shows exactly how a person's traits make up their unique personality fingerprint. And it provides an unparalleled level of detail to show how a person thinks and behaves at work, at home, and in relationships.

Starting Monday 9/25, the new version of the TypeFinder assessment will be available on the Truity site.

Get to know the new TypeFinder

The new TypeFinder is a bit longer, at 150 questions. Most people complete it in 10-20 minutes. It will be offered at the same price as the existing version, and if you have test credits in your Pro account, they will still work for the new version.

You can see what the assessment looks like here and check out a sample report here.

How do I start using the new version?

The new version will be published on the Truity site as the TypeFinder Personality Test (New) starting on Monday 9/25, so simply choose this option when sending tests to clients.

If you use the Client Code feature to direct your clients to their tests, you will need to switch to a new Client Code to use the new version. If you continue to use the same Client Code, your clients will be directed to the previous version. To find your Client Code for the new version, log in to your account, then go to Account Details and find the section labeled Client Code Settings.

But...what if I like the old version?

Good question! You don't have to use the new TypeFinder if you prefer not to. In fact, the previous version may be better in cases where you want a quick overview of personality type without too much detail, or if you need a printed report (because of the level of detail, the new TypeFinder report is not yet optimized for printing). 

If you do prefer to continue to use the previous version, it will still be available in your Pro account as the TypeFinder Personality Test (2013 Edition). We have no plans to stop offering the 2013 Edition, so if this is your preference, rest easy!

Give it a whirl

If you're a Pro customer and you'd like to give the new TypeFinder a try before using it with clients, please contact us at and we'll set you up with a complimentary credit to try it out. And as always, we look forward to your feedback! 

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