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November 16, 2022 - 9:34am
by Jane
Having taken DISC and Strengths Finder tests in the past, I wasn’t surprised by the results but genuinely intrigued about the relationship characteristics and motivations. This is coming at a career-inflection point and instead of fearing Imposter Syndrome, I can just adjust according to how the perceptions of my strengths and weaknesses appear. Highly recommend if looking for some insight into teams you manage as well.
November 16, 2022 - 6:01am
by kelly
I found the report enlightening, and I did not feel judged but freed.
November 16, 2022 - 2:29am
by Linda Straub
I’ve taken many personality tests in the past for my personal life and work. This was the most comprehensive and helpful of all of them. The detail that it goes into is eye-opening and reflective. As the test describes, using it not only as a descriptive tool but one for growth and development gives the most benefit.
November 15, 2022 - 9:39pm
by Charlotte Shaw
November 15, 2022 - 9:26pm
by Z
Should have more explanation on how the different strengths can complement each other. Good explanation nevertheless
November 15, 2022 - 7:13pm
by Elinor
This was interesting and triggering, but also very helpful in looking at some of my unconscious and conscious patterns. I like that this is focused on self improvement and on learning more about yourself so that you can better yourself.
November 15, 2022 - 4:09pm
by Joe Ramsey
November 15, 2022 - 1:47pm
by Briseyda A
As I get closer to my 30s, I wanted to understand more about who I am as I move into this next phase in my life. The test really helped me understand what I need to work on to accomplish my goals for the future.
November 15, 2022 - 11:33am
by Erin Haywood
My report was very accurate and enlightening! I found the information to be easy to comprehend and to apply in my everyday life. It has left me thinking about my behaviors, patterns, and superpowers all at the same time. I highly recommend everyone take this assessment.
November 15, 2022 - 11:23am
by Stephanie
scarily spot-on!!!

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