This DISC assessment will help you discover your personality at work. Discover the four DISC personality types and improve communication, productivity, and conflict management in the workplace. Take the DISC test yourself, or use it with your team.

To take the DISC assessment, mark each word below according to how well it describes you.

In each pair, mark the circle near the word that describes you best.

If neither word describes you or both describe you equally well, mark the circle in the center.

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DISC Assessment FAQ

Q. What does the DISC assessment measure?

A. The DISC assessment is a measure of interpersonal behavior that is often used in workplace settings. It classifies how we interact in terms of four personality styles: Drive, Influence, Support, and Clarity.

Based on the theories of psychologist William Moulton Marston, the DISC assessment is a simple yet powerful way to unlock your strengths and help your team work better together.

Q. What are the four DISC personality types?

The DISC personality model describes four types: D for Drive, I for Influence, S for Support, and C for Clarity. Each type describes a particular approach to getting work done and contributing to a team.

  • Drive: taking charge and making key decisions
  • Influence: engaging others to work together
  • Support: assisting others to achieve group goals
  • Clarity: working independently to produce correct results

Each of the four DISC personality types is equally valuable, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Discovering your own type can help you to better understand how to bring your strongest talents to your work, while minimizing your blind spots.

Q. What are DISC subtypes?

A. DISC subtypes represent a blend of two styles. Each of us has a primary DISC type, but some of us also incorporate quite a bit of an adjacent style into our behavior at work. These styles are referred to as DISC subtypes or hybrid types. For example, a person who is primarily a Drive type, but who also has a high level of Influence behavior, would be labeled as a D/i type (DISC + Influence).

When we include the subtypes with the four primary DISC types, we are able to accurately describe people whose behavior is primarily driven by one DISC style, as well as people whose behavior is typically a mix of two styles.

The eight DISC subtypes are:

  • D/i (Drive + Influence)
  • D/c (Drive + Clarity)
  • I/d (Influence + Drive)
  • I/s (Influence + Support)
  • S/i (Support + Influence)
  • S/c (Support + Clarity)
  • C/s (Clarity + Support)
  • C/d (Clarity + Drive)
Q. What will I learn from my DISC report?

A. Your DISC profile will show which of the four DISC types fits you best, as well as your scores for the other three types. It will describe how the DISC model can be used to better understand your strengths on a team, as well as the way you like to work.

When completing the Truity DISC assessment, you will first see a brief, free report showing a basic overview of your DISC personality type. Then, you have the option of unlocking your full report for a small fee. To see what you can expect from a comprehensive report, here is a sample DISC report.

Q. Can I have my employees, team or group take the DISC test?

A. Absolutely. Our Truity @Work platform is designed to make it easy to give the DISC assessment to your team or group. See discounted group pricing and learn how to quickly and easily set up testing for your group on the Testing for Business page.

Q. How long is this DISC assessment?

A. The test consists of 38 questions and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Q. Is this DISC assessment scientifically validated?

A. This inventory has been researched thoroughly to ensure it is valid and reliable.

Q. Is the DISC personality test really free?

A. You do not need to purchase or register to take this test and view an overview of your results. If you would like, you can purchase a more comprehensive full report for a small fee.

Q. Do I need to complete this assessment all at once?

A. If you’ve created an account and are logged in when you take the test, your responses will be saved as you go through the test. If you do not log in to a Truity account before starting the test, your progress will not be saved and you will need to complete the test all at once.

Q. How can I access my test results?

A. After you take a test, you will have the option to create an account by entering your email address. If you create an account, you can view your test results at any time by returning to Truity.com and logging into your account. We do not email your results to you.

Q. Is the DISC personality test appropriate for children?

A. None of our tests are appropriate for children under the age of 14. Some of our tests may have mature content, and anyone younger than 18 should only take the test with parental guidance.

Q. Are you going to sell my data?

A. . We do not sell your email or other personal data to any third parties, and we have a zero-spam policy. We carefully comply with applicable privacy laws in handling your personal information. You can read more in our privacy policy.

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