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What strengths do ISFJs bring to their work?

At work, the ISFJ is motivated by the desire to help others in a practical, organized way. ISFJs are driven by their core of personal values, which often include upholding tradition, taking care of others, and working hard.

ISFJs enjoy work that requires careful attention to detail and adherence to established procedures, and like to be efficient and structured in their completion of tasks. They prefer an explicit authority structure and clear expectations.

ISFJs usually prefer to work behind the scenes, and like to receive recognition in a low-key way without being required to present their work publicly. They want to feel that they have fulfilled their duties, but do not want to be thrust into the spotlight.

An ideal job for an ISFJ involves well-defined work tasks that achieve a concrete or observable result, and does not require a lot of multi-tasking. An ideal work environment for an ISFJ is orderly, provides plenty of privacy, and includes colleagues who share the ISFJ’s values.

What are some good careers for an ISFJ?

Top careers for the ISFJ include:

Community and Social Service
Life, Physical, and Social Science
Education, Training, and Library
Office and Administrative Support
Personal Care and Service
Business and Financial
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
Architecture and Engineering
Transportation and Material Moving
Construction and Extraction
Protective Service
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

How can an ISFJ find the right career?

ISFJs, like all personality types, are most satisfied and successful when they choose a career that takes advantage of their natural strengths, talents, and interests. If you're searching for the right career, check out the Career Personality Profiler test, which provides a complete assessment of your personality, interests, and aptitude.

What careers should the ISFJ avoid?

It is important to note that any personality type can be successful in any occupation. However, some occupations are well suited to the natural talents and preferred work style of the ISFJ, while other occupations demand modes of thinking and behavior that do not come as naturally to the ISFJ. Occupations that require the ISFJ to operate outside their natural preferences may prove stressful or draining, and often sound unappealing to ISFJs who are choosing a career.

The following occupations have been found to be unpopular among ISFJs, based on data gathered from surveys of the general population.

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Check out the ISFJ Discussion Forum

Want to have a more in-depth conversation about being an ISFJ? Head on over to our discussion forum and post your questions, comments, and/or general musings!


FathaAma (not verified) says...

Right on. Well said.

Guest (not verified) says...

Thank you. I'm a male ISFJ, and I don't think being faithful, or being a caring or nurturing father/friend/etc makes me "girly." I think it makes me a better man.

Kyle Hearst (not verified) says...

My personality is very sensitive. I don't show it but I care a lot. I also watch out for who people are. I don't let many people into my life.

Jodie (not verified) says...

Everything, is very accurate but the information that states that I will mostly suffer heart disease and chronic pain is very offensive. I hope that this is not true and that if its not, that you will take it off and put something better.

Guest (not verified) says...

It's pretty accurate for me except that I prefer jobs that are not only in the sciences, such as chemistry( which they said that were unpopular) but ones that I can do alone or in a very very small group.

Guest (not verified) says...

I enjoyed taking this test. Quite accurate in fact. Career selection on point, I'm a social worker. Also enjoyed reading other ISFJ's comments. would be great to have my husband take the test:).

Guest (not verified) says...

I like to help people in the easiest way possible. If it is hard, ill find a simpler, easier way to do it. If it is easy and requires nearly (or no) effort, then ill do it no problem.

Aprille (not verified) says...

Strange. I got a four-way split between ENFJ, INFJ, ESFJ and ISFJ. Maybe I have multiple personalities (bahahaha!). It makes sense, though. I think I was born (inherently) an INFJ, but life has forced me into a caretaker role for so long, that I it has impacted my personality. Lots of people think I am an extrovert, as I appear to be quite sociable at work, but being around people is very draining for me.

kev (not verified) says...

says im a protector its accurate seeing that im protective lol

Stew (not verified) says...

I've always wanted to be an interior designer... I am a civil engineer. I hate my job. My heart is broken because I am not using all my creative imagination. Instead I have to always follow stupid rules. It's like a butterfly in a closed jar.

Grasshopper (not verified) says...

I understand how you feel because I am a mechanical engineer and I don't really enjoy my job, either.

eweng (not verified) says...

That's why I want to go back to graphic design rather than programming. I am a ok programmer, but it doesn't come natural to me. I don't get lost in it. But when I am designing / creating images, time flys.  

Stew (not verified) says...

Exactly, it's like we are lost, if we do not create and show the world what our imagination and talant can give to express the emotions we feel, to show the world our way of thinking/helping. When we work something else, there's like no passion in this "measurement", like it's "never mind", like it's no love. And I personaly truly believe, that all of us here give 1000% of everything when we do what we love, because this is what we want. And there is no such thing like "big money" or carriere here, it's just being pleased of what you do.

Guest (not verified) says...

Well Stew it is time to use your creative imagination on something that interests you. Like invent something in your field, you have enough knowledge.

Genie (not verified) says...

I used to be the ISFP, but the result says I'm ISFJ-T for now. I'm still changing maybe. I wonder if it is accurate because this is result from myself.

JWilderness (not verified) says...

This really described my personality right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest (not verified) says...

wow indeed this is really me....ISFJ #painting..... watching movies....

Guest (not verified) says...

I've taken a similar personality test before, and it had sorted me as an INFJ, which I find highly accurate for me. Although, some ISFJ traits are very similar to my personality too, usually relationship and communication wise, all the rest is either wrong or sounds far fetched for the kind of person I am.

kayla Dinsmore (not verified) says...

I found every thing on this website true as an ISFJ .

Mike (not verified) (not verified) says...

I have not read through all of the comments to see if anyone else noticed, but George H.W. Bush is listed as both a famous ISTJ and ISFJ...

JJA (not verified) says...

Just took the test, it said im a ISFJ which is the "protector" and a good caretaker and I care. This i feel, is very very inaccurate becuase I hate people and am very selfish, lazy, and I am not a caring person to others. I seriously do not care about others and I am not good with others.

Marie Philomene (not verified) says...

I'm sad to read this. I am INTP, and it's always been so hard for me that my ISFJ mom was so cold, distant, and emotionally unavailable! It says here that ISFJ's don't get along with INTP's. I tried so hard to get her affection, thinking I should be more logical, more rational, show less emotion, and then she would like me and I would feel loved! Instead, she got more and more distant. I wish I had known about the temperaments as a teen. That would have at least been an explanation as to what was going on. I still FEEL hated and hate-worthy even as an adult, even though I know it's not "logical". :(. For all the ISFJ people reading this, please remember that a little understanding goes A LONG WAY. If you have xxTP kids,  please stop asking them to emote, and listen to how they are desperately trying to show love in their own way. Logic is only the xxTP'S default (and they can no more change it that you can change your feelings-default) , and when they are stressed or worried, they fall back on their default. If you are patient, give them space, stop criticising their natural temperament, they will eventually open up to warm, affectionate feelings. They do have them, same as everyone else, and among them is the wanting to be loved by their own parents. But feelings are super vulnerable to xxTP's. They need to feel like they will be accepted if they open up. If you're criticising and manipulating for emotion, they don't feel safe enough to show their vulnerable feelings. You will never see their intense pain. You will probably, however, end up complaining how they never appreciated you, and they'll be thinking: "I did everything I could to get her /him to like me, but it never worked! All I wanted was acceptance, but it never came!" And because xxTP's are confused and frightened by too much emotion, including their own strong emotional desire for parental connection, they will deal with emotion the only way they can: they will go "cold" on you. As I said, a little understanding, sympathy, and patience for your Thinkers and Perceivers can go a very long way. Please don't forget this!

eweng (not verified) says...

So true... my giving and harmanous nature and my keen senser spotting being taken advantage of will set up a storm in my mind that will last for days. So, today, I took a day off (notify via email, Ha!) and just forget about being responsible for once. Feels nice.


Rob004 (not verified) says...

heh. proud isfj here. so, i've heard isfj is considered a feminine type? nah, i think men can be isfjs while keeping their machismo.

Felicia M Cirlos (not verified) says...

Meyer Briggs knew what she was doing when she formulated the personality tests. I'm an ISFJ and I feel a lot of the aforementioned characteristics are true and I work as a nurse, I've always known I wanted to be a nurse since I was 4.  I feel that a lot of it is so accurate due to the fact Meyer Briggs took into account our different facets that make up our individual personality such as how we portray ourselves in a social setting leading to the conclusion of either introvert or extrovert, how we respond to anothers' situation, how we are or view ourselves when it comes to demands such as work.  Everything tied in nicely.

Lauren Grice (not verified) says...

This describes me perfectly. I'm glad I finally have some guidance about what to do with my life. I was so lost, but the characteristics are exactly me. 

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