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Guest (not verified) says...

Here is some additional information about INFP's:
- We have a very strong sense of personal values, thus we can be very opinionated although we don't always voice out our opinions.
– Our ability to empathize is very strong. Personally, when I hear stories about people's struggles and whatnot, I often cry because I can somehow feel the pain they are feeling.
- We are good at connecting ideas together and are usually quick to grasp concepts.
– We have a tendency to avoid conflict or pretend as if nothing is wrong when in fact we are dealing with a huge problem.
– One of our biggest flaws is staying organized––whether it be in terms of environment or schedule.
– We have a habit of planning––mapping out schedules and making lists––but we almost never push through.
– Common pet peeve: 'fake' people and liars

Guest (not verified) says...

i test as infp on many sites and different tests,93% ~I however when i hear infj's speak i really relate to them! ...

guest (not verified) says...

Can anyone tell me how come that the percent of people in population vary so much throughout all the websites about myers-briggs? Like is there one general statistic, the biggest?

John P. (not verified) says...

Because they all use their own variation of Jungian tests and look at their own sample data (which is a limited sample based on whoever chooses to use their instrument). There is only one official MBTI assessment published by CPP ( that uses a centralized scoring engine and is most representative of accurate "MBTI" personality sample data. 

Chrishun7 (not verified) says...

So... This is absolutely amazing. Throughout my whole life I feel as if I never truly fit anywhere and I was just a strange person who felt all these ways but now. Seeing everyone on here talking like this... Its literally like talking to myself! I feel incredibly thankful that there are others like me :) I think that there should be groups for people in this personality type so we can just talk haha 

Guest (not verified) says...

This was pretty accurate for me! I found it interesting that my husband was a ENTJ which seems to be completely opposite from me as a INFP. Are there any extroverted/introverted combos out there as well?

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