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Liz Chou (not verified) says...

Very accurate!! I also read that Tylor Swift is also ESFJ! Lol

schuyler weatherly (not verified) says...

I found this very interesting about my personality type but i would like to talk to someone about this that has the same type of personality. If anyone would like to email me feel free because i would love to get to know more about my personality type from someone elde. 

Ted says...

This test is very accurate.  Unfortunatley I am split between I and E, F and T, and J and P.  This makes it much more difficult to put me into one hole or the other.  Some online tools reflect the percentages of each of the types more than this tool does.  It might be helpful to add that to the results of this appraisal.

Stuart (Scotland, UK) (not verified) says...

Load of crap! I am an ESFJ and despite what nonsense this says, I have been working as an Electrical Engineer for 11 years  ans I LOVE my job! Honestly, I can't think of a job I'd enjoy doing more, and, aside from other electrical engineers, I can't think of a better bunch to work with than civil and mechanical engineers, which I do in work on a daily basis. Not a single one of the jobs listed in the "good careers" even remotely interest me, and many I would just run a mile from.

This just furthers by belief of how poor the MBTI really is.

Stuart Haig (not verified) says...

I'm an ESFJ, and the careers section of this could not be more inaccurate (for me at least) if it tried to. Not a single one of the "good careers" listed intrest me in the slightest. In fact, I would run a mile from many of them (Teacher and Surgeon), and would simply destest doing others (HR Manager).

Oppositely, the carrers you list as to be avoided, are the ones I find the most interesting. I actually work as an Electrical Engineer (have been now for over 10 years) and absolutely love my job. I also like working with other engineers (Mechanical Engineer I note are also listed), and would be fascinated to listen to a Power Plant Operator or/and an Airline Pilot. 

Employer Guest (not verified) says...

We've been interviewing for painters (specifically industrial painters, but many still have a background of sorts in commercial and residential painting) and part of our application process now (after previously hiring "on the fly") is to have candidates take an MBTI personality test. Time and time again a great majority (good and bad) come back as ESFJs with a smattering of ISFJs worked in.

Unfortunately many painters are notorious in their industry for having a combination of bad work habits/ethics in combination with a highly desired/well-paid/marketable trade (especially in the current economy). We've noticed a trend that when the scored percentage is low in the Judging (under 70%), that it really eflects in their work habits and even application follow ups. Just thought this was interesting enough to share based on our experience.

Lessin says...

I feel that this personality type is the most likely to be taken advantage of. How can I do things to check myself to keep from being a door mat or being sucked in by a narcissist? In my immediate family, I think my mom is an ESFJ and I am an ESFJ and my sister is an ISFJ and we have all married and divorced narcissists. What can we do to be less likely to draw those people in?’

RyanMitchell5 (not verified) says...

Definitely me ! 

Brody (not verified) says...

This test is so inaccurate and was originally was made to be a bar game and then two people Mrs. Mires and Ms. Briggs made this test with no scientific background.

JohnnyJohnny (not verified) says...


Judith Norman (not verified) says...

wow so accurate ..amazing and I work in the medical feild go figure, I love people and helping them brings me JOY !!!

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