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The ENTJ Personality Type

ENTJs are strategic leaders, motivated to organize change. They are quick to see inefficiency and conceptualize new solutions, and enjoy developing long-range plans to accomplish their vision. They excel at logical reasoning and are usually articulate and quick-witted.

ENTJs are analytical and objective, and like bringing order to the world around them. When there are flaws in a system, the ENTJ sees them, and enjoys the process of discovering and implementing a better way. ENTJs are assertive and enjoy taking charge; they see their role as that of leader and manager, organizing people and processes to achieve their goals.

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What does ENTJ stand for?

ENTJ is an acronym used to describe one of the sixteen personality types created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. It stands for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging. ENTJ indicates a person who is energized by time spent with others (Extraverted), who focuses on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details (iNtuitive), who makes decisions based on logic and reason (Thinking) and who prefers to be planned and organized rather than spontaneous and flexible (Judging). ENTJs are sometimes referred to as Commander personalities because of their innate drive to lead others.

How common is the ENTJ personality type?

ENTJ is one of the least common types in the population, and the rarest type among women (with INTJ). ENTJs make up:

  • 2% of the general population
  • 3% of men
  • 1% of women

Famous ENTJs

Famous ENTJs include Margaret Thatcher, Napoleon Bonaparte, Carl Sagan, General Norman Schwarzkopf, David Letterman, Douglas MacArthur, Harrison Ford, and Quentin Tarantino.

For more information: Famous ENTJs

ENTJ Values and Motivations

ENTJs are often very motivated by success in their careers and enjoy hard work. They are ambitious and interested in gaining power and influence. To the ENTJ, decision-making is a vocation. They want to be in a position to make the call and put plans into motion.

ENTJs tend to be blunt and decisive. Driven to get things done, they can sometimes be critical or brusque in the pursuit of a goal. They are typically friendly and outgoing, although they may not pick up on emotional subleties in other people. They often love working with others toward a common goal, but may not find time to attend to their feelings. They are focused on results and want to be productive, competent, and influential.

How Others See the ENTJ

ENTJs are natural leaders, and often take charge no matter where they are. They typically have a clear vision for the future, and intuitively understand how to move people and processes towards that goal. They tend to approach every situation with the attitude of an efficiency analyst, and are not shy about pointing out what could be done better. For the ENTJ, their ideas are a foregone conclusion: it’s just a matter of time before they can move the players to get everything accomplished.

ENTJs are often gregarious, and seem to have an idea for how a person will fit into their grand scheme from the moment they are introduced. They are typically direct and may seem presumptuous or even arrogant; they size people and situations up very quickly, and have trouble being anything but honest about what they see. ENTJs are sensitive to issues of power, and seek positions and people of influence. They are characeristically ambitious, and often very engaged in their careers. More than any other type, ENTJs enjoy their work, and may even say that working is what they do for fun.

For more information: The Art of SpeedReading People

ENTJ Hobbies and Interests

Popular hobbies for ENTJs include taking leadership positions in community groups, attending social gatherings or sporting events, and playing competitive sports. Because ENTJs are so often focused on their careers, they may have few interests outside of work, or they may participate in leisure activities that also help to further their careers.

Facts about ENTJs

Interesting facts about the ENTJ:

  • On personality trait measures, score as Ambitious, Forceful, Optimistic, Egotistical, Adaptable, and Energetic
  • Least likely of all types to report stress resulting from work or finances
  • More likely than average to suffer cardiac problems
  • Among the least likely of all types to believe in a higher spiritual power
  • Among top 4 types in college GPA
  • Among most likely to stay in college
  • Personal values include Home/Family, Achievement, Creativity, and Learning
  • Overrepresented among MBA students and small business owners
  • One of two types most likely to be satisfied with their work

Source: MBTI Manual

Quotes About ENTJs

"ENTJs are seldom content in a job that makes no demand on intuition. They need problems to solve and are likely to be expert at finding new solutions."

- Isabel Briggs Myers, Gifts Differing

"When in charge of an organization, whether in the military, business, education, or government, ENTJs desire and have the ability to visualize where the organization is going, and they seem unusually able to communicate that vision to others."

- David Keirsey, Please Understand Me II

"They see daily life as a kind of chessboard, upon which people, things, and entities are moved, removed, altered, and engaged—constantly for the organizational good."

- Otto Kroeger, Type Talk at Work

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Lolo (not verified) says...

I'm so convinced of the worthiness of this test, I'm changing many things in my life and am already happier knowing my weaknesses and capitalizing on strengths.

Guest (not verified) says...

This is so accurate

Guest (not verified) says...

Definitely 100% me - ENTJ woman.

marriagecoach1 (not verified) says...

I have known this about myself for a long time and have been working on the negative aspects of this personality type so as not to be offensive

Guest (not verified) says...

I can up a tie between ENFJ and ENTJ. I see myself in both of them, but it is strange. It seems as though up till now I have been an ENTJ all the way. But recently I have been shifting a little bit more towards the feeling side. While reading the description of the ENTJ I winced a couple times, as now that I think about it, in the past this has been me to the letter. I don't want to offend anyone, but to be honest, I don't want the life of an ENTJ. The life of an ENFJ seems like the life I want. Now, I am 14, so it might just be that right now my personality is changing from ENTJ to ENFJ, but I really feel as though whenever I think of myself in the future, I see myself as an ENFJ, and whenever I think of my past, I see myself as an ENTJ. No offence, but right now, the future of ENTJ sounds scary, way too lonely. As the life of the lonely bigshots that give all the calls, a life in the which one slip up can lead to a disastrous fall.

PS. I am 100% Christian. I believe in God with all my heart.

Jane Josefson (not verified) says...

It's tough being 14 today -- a lot harder than it was 20-30 years ago.

But don't label yourself with four little letters. You will 'change'(despite the generally assumed 'It takes a traumatic experience' to change types. Consider all the 'roles' you will play in life!

I tested out twice as an INTJ because courses in science, math, and later accounting/business encouraged me in that direction -- as did the proactive, individual efforts required early in my career. Later, I my company provided a lot of instruction in how to build and maintain relationships with my co-workers -- beyond task talk, learning the lesson that success depends as much if not more what other people know -- because you can't know it all, you need to work in teams rather than the LONE WOLF MODE, and you're always learning -- and I tested out as an ENTJ.

And now -- I'm changing again.

Also - you will be different in different situations -- family, friends, jobs, and organizations you belong to require different approaches -- so don't get stuck in a self-imposed rut, just because it gives you 'the warm fuzzies'! Biblical references Mordecai to Ester: 4:14(part 2)'And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?'

You never know what God has in store for you -- in this life or the next!

In Christ --

Cheryl Tigner (not verified) says...

I too am 100 per cent Christian and love the Lord with all my heart. Unlike the majority I have a lot of people who enjoy being my friend. I believe that is a choice, it's like saying you don't have control over being rude to people. I am totally ENTJ however I like things done am a born leader, have always been able to find help at whatever goal I set. However I can appear to be unfeeling at times or to blunt I don't do it to be mean I just don't like to waste time because God is coming back and there is not time for people to be insecure. However I am loved and respected in that I am normally correct on what I do or discuss because I don't waste my time speaking or discussing things I don't know about.

Don't feel bad about it just manage it and ask God to help you manage it. It can work out great for His Glory remember He made You!!! He does not make mistakes. Hope that helped.

gordanford says...

I am the same combination and it is rewarding. I think what this means is that we have the natural leadership attributes of a ENTJ but our faith in God tempers the harder edges of it. I think it is a great combination as I am a pastor and director of a charter school. Use your ENTJ gifts and talents for God and let Him guide the feeling side of yourself. A ENTJ is a unique person, but we ENT(F)J's are the rarest an most special of all. God needs us to lead in this dying world!!

ENTJ Christian SAHM (not verified) says...

I am an ENTJ Christian, stay at home of four kids, homeschooler, and in a sweet ad loving marriage with an 'Inspector'. We're a great match. He is so faithful and dutyful and I am ambitious and energetic. We are in leadership at church, strive to be an encouragement to others and teach our kids about being faithful and diligent in their lives to the glory of God. After reading that ENTJ's were unlikly to believe in a higher power I just had to resolve that God is faithful and he can draw anyone to himself. Nothing is impossible for Him. I have always been strong willed and that hasn't changed but now my will to follow God and raise our kids in the nurture and admonition of The Lord is where I put my time and energy. Best job ever!

Chrissy Root (not verified) says...

Reading this has been super encouraging for me! Thank you!

God Bless!

Karen P (not verified) says...

I am an ENTJ woman married to an Inspector too! We homeschooled when our kids were older. I was in Law Enforcement for 6 years in my younger days. And I totally love Jesus! Nothing is impossible for God and I just wanted to affirm what you posted! Good for you for making the raising of your children and their education a top priority! I now work coordinating Continuing Education at a technology center and I can put my ENTJ skills to work and be an influence for Christ in the workplace. God bless you and your family!

Guest (not verified) says...

No offense taken. I tried the line between ENTP & ENTJ so how I come across is different based on the situation(like home v work). But I wouldn't give it up for 'feeling' anyways. I may appear intolerant or emotionally slow sometimes but if I need to go it alone I know I won't be taken advantage of or if I rely on a team, they counter for my weakness with their strengths or work with me.

Guest (not verified) says...

I relate to all of this. I am a 24-year-old female who loves The Lord. I used to test as an ENFJ but am now a solid ENTJ. But take heart! I am married to an ISTJ and am very thankful for how my personality type has played out in our relationship. Friendships have been hard for me but as I learn how to respond and adjust to the "Feelers" and "Sensers" of the world it gets easier to build relationships. Don't worry about a life of loneliness - keep growing in your relationship with Jesus and He will soften your heart toward your own emotions and others'!

Guest (not verified) says...

Females represent! 1% of the population is kind of sad but it just proves that we are unique and awesome and we don't follow, we lead.

Guest (not verified) says...

Female ENTJs, the 1%.
Do you ladies find it easy to find compatable female friends?

Guest (not verified) says...

Not at all. It helped me understand why I was always called a b***h. I am not, I just get more done than you.

Guest (not verified) says...

The only female friend I can have are ENTPs (not so many) and 1 ENFJ ( I love talking to her, because she is very smart and helps me to broaden my perspective and judgment).
But in general, it is impossible for me to have female friends, and even friends in general. Everybody is disappointing me, or boring me. I hate small talk, and people always say that "I am thinking too much".!
A type I really like to be around is ESTP, I find them very down to earth and funny in a smart way.
My partner is an ISTP, what I LOVE about him is that he is a great achiever and very ingenious, it helps me a lot in developing my theories by a very rational/earthy approach. However it is very difficult for us to have a smooth relationship as he hates commitment, and I need to have a plan in my life....
So very funny, but difficult!

Guest (not verified) says...

I'm a female ENFJ and my girlfriend is an ENTJ. I am kind of a no-nonesense ENFJ, I am highly objective and intellectually disciplined but still VERY in tune with others' feelings. This means I have fewer close women friends than men because I prefer honest, objective conversation and dislike excessive emoting at the expense of reason. My ENTJ girlfriend and I get along swimmingly for this reason but we argue sometimes over what I feel is her being overly critical. I can see differences and accept people, she sees them and labels people, like they're all just stupid or incompetent... it's hard to get her to broaden her perspective though, she's kinda stubborn lol... still a better relationship than with most women I'm friends with :) I do think her life is kind of lonely outside of me though... I'm trying to encourage her to make some more friends.

larryalan63 says...

Good to know. . . lead the way.

Guest (not verified) says...

Way more accurate than I would have expected, It got me dead on.

Guest (not verified) says...

Very unique traits tend to outline a unique life. Seeing it written reminds me why we are all so different. Can you imagine a world with 70% ENTJ's.

Guest (not verified) says...

Sorry to be that person, but how can an airline pilot be one of the most popular jobs and one of the most unpopular jobs for a ENTJ at the same time?

Guest (not verified) says...

Hahaha... SO true. I realized that right away also. True ENTJ's, you and I, I would say. Obviously the persons who wrote this up and proof read it are not. ;-)

Ron (not verified) says...

This makes me appreciate the idiomatic expression "A leopard can't change its spots." Through the years, been answering questionnaires and I am constantly assessed as ENTJ. The description depicts my general traits. However, my own awareness of my traits allow me to behave suitably and more effectively under various situations.

Maja (not verified) says...

Yes this test is accurate. As a woman I feel sad that there are so few of us around only 1.8% of the population. And even less women than men. But that also makes me feel a bit special...in a very good way :-)

Guest (not verified) says...

I have taken this test and many others and have been labeled as an ENTJ every time. I completely agree with that classification.

Liza (not verified) says...

On point!

KAT (not verified) says...

definitely me, without a doubt

Guest (not verified) says...

While I was reading it it didn't sound like me. But now I can see me in the writing.

Guest (not verified) says...

Well, 99.9% acruate! I'm a typical ENTJ gril. I'm extremely excited about the results. I'll definitely make the best of it.

guest (not verified) says...

Spot ON!
My goal is Simple! live a maximum life!

Ryo (not verified) says...

this is great, My goal is simple, life to the max! Doesn't need anyone to tell you why.

Guest (not verified) says...

Wow...as an ENTJ female in the workplace, the profile of a typical ENTJ sounds so much like me that it leaves me speechless. If I can just figure out to how to work with an ISTJ boss, life would be even more grand than it already is! ...my boss has made it pretty clear that he doesn't like having me as a subordinate, but oh well. He won't be my boss forever. As I recently thought to myself when he was being a jerk, "I won't let his behavior tear me down because the way I see it, as long as I maintain my professionalism and a cool-head, this is an opportunity to demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity, which be a bonus for me in the long run."

Guest (not verified) says...

Have to watch out too. I am a woman ENTJ sub-ordinate, and my boss knows that he had to rid off me before I can move on my own.

Guest (not verified) says...

I know what it's like to work with an ISTJ superior. I go back and forth between "It's so perfect -- we're on task and getting things done" and "Huh????"

Someone New (not verified) says...

I recently had to part ways with a business partner who was probably ISTJ, although it's possible he was an ISFJ.

My other partners, people who I work very closely with, are both NTs and that works out much better.

Like the other commenter says, there are these "huh?" moments. The feeling I get during these moments is that I'm using that person like a tool, and I much prefer to surround myself with genius NTs with whom I can have a genuine working connection.

I enjoy NT banter and I enjoy irreverence at times, when it's fun and opening up the creative flow of things.

Guest (not verified) says...

Yep! NT and NF types, I connect the best to. Being a female ENTJ is pretty awesome; however, since sexism both internalized and explcit and coming from both sexes, ENTJ women are perceived more negatively than male ENTJs. For example, an ENTJ man may be called "fearless, opinionated leader", whereas the same traits in a woman would get her a "bossy, know-it-all bitch". Sexist? Yes! Fair? Hell no. But that is a current reality, which I think is changing as society evolves to recognize sexism and how it harms everyone.

NT banter is the best :) But then because I engage in it, I'm know as loud and inapprrpoate . . . for a women. Lacking in decorum,for a women, but perfectly acceptable if you're a man. WTF?!

Guest (not verified) says...

really cool to find out some things that i suspected all along lol!

Victor P (not verified) says...

I am actually surprised at my result! It does sound a but like me, but I do believe in a higher spiritual power to the utmost. It seems to me this is my role in the workplace more then anything, but still decently accurate! I love cars and racing and sometime in the near future hope to make a career out of it, so add that to the list of careers they ETNJ can do!

Guest (not verified) says...


Guest (not verified) says...


Guest (not verified) says...

I bet my kids and coworkers wrote up this description of my personality. It's been particularly hard to be a woman with this personality type. I'm sure over the years, plenty of people have called me a 5-letter word behind my back, while men with this personality type are applauded as having integrity, intelligence, and leadership. But I have finally come to a place where my traits are useful, and since I work with quite a few men who are either INTJ or ENTJ, I am appreciated.

Guest (not verified) says...

I am also an ENTJ, but I don't feel appreciated. What profession did you choose that made you feel so appreciated?

Kalan (not verified) says...

I've found anything with exposure to people to be very rewarding. A sales atmosphere is particularly beneficial because of the competitiveness and ability to make good money without a degree.

Guest (not verified) says...

ENTJ, all the way. Such a fantastic test- I took this test as part of my college course,in my early twenties and couldn't see the fuss about the results.10 years later, it brings the truth home and how!!! Great site.

Guest (not verified) says...

Wow....this is me.

E. Jackson Hodges says...

Ok...you got me, to the T!

Jeam (not verified) says...

Most interesting - but I always knew it! Many thanks

Guest (not verified) says...

extremely accurate

Guest (not verified) says...

This test was very interesting. The results are accurate!

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