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ENFJs and Other Personality Types

Kindred Spirits

People of the following types are more likely than most to share the ENFJ's values, interests, and general approach to life. They won't necessarily agree on everything, and there's no guarantee they'll always get along, but they're more likely to feel an easy rapport and have plenty of things in common.

Intriguing Differences

People of the following types are likely to strike the ENFJ as similar in character, but with some key differences which may make them seem especially intriguing. The ENFJ may find people of these types particularly interesting and attractive to get to know. Relationships between ENFJs and these types should have a good balance of commonalities and opportunities to challenge one another.

Potential Complements

ENFJs may not feel an immediate connection with people of the following types, but on getting to know each other, they'll likely find they have some important things in common, as well as some things to teach one other. Although people of these types may not attract the ENFJ initially, their relationships present a lot of potential to complement and learn from one other.

Challenging Opposites

People of the following types present the most potential for personality clash and conflict with the ENFJ, but also the best opportunities for growth. Because people of these types have fundamentally different values and motivations from the ENFJ's, initially, it may seem impossible to relate. But because they are so different, their strengths are the ENFJ's weaknesses, and if they are able to develop a relationship, they can learn a tremendous amount from each other.

ENFJs in Love

In relationships, the ENFJ is helpful and enthusiastically supportive. They are motivated to understand their partners and to do what pleases them, and are sensitive the the emotions and reactions of their mates.

ENFJs make great cheerleaders, and will encourage their partners to develop and explore their potential. They are engaged and ready to help, and look for opportunities to support their mates in their accomplishments.

ENFJ partners want harmony above all else, sometimes at the expense of their own needs. Conflict is upsetting to ENFJs, and they often avoid it. ENFJs are very sensitive to criticism and can become highly emotional and even punishing when their feelings are hurt. However, they have great insight about people, emotions and motivations; they are often able to put this talent to use in resolving things.

The ideal mate for an ENFJ appreciates their compassion, support, and dedication to helping others, and makes an effort to understand the ENFJ's feelings and values.

ENFJs as Parents

As parents, ENFJs take an active and enthusiastic role in guiding the development of their children. They enjoy teaching their children the ways of the world, and set forth clear ideas of right and wrong in a warm and supportive way.

ENFJs have high expectations for their children, and often envision bright futures for them. They have an interest in their children's potential and want to inspire them to develop it. They can sometimes idealize their children, becoming disappointed when they don't live up to expectations. They may take their children's misbehavior personally, feeling that they have failed to instill their own strong values.

ENFJ Communication Style

ENFJs are warm, compassionate communicators who show enthusiasm for other people and their ideas. They want to understand what is important to others so that they can take action to improve the situation for all involved. ENFJs readily give affirmation and support, making sure that people know that their ideas are valued. They are good at connecting with a variety of people and creative in coming up with solutions that accommodate others’ needs. They are often natural teachers and mentors, showing others the way and helping them to improve themselves.

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Birdie (not verified) says...


I just saw your comment about wondering whether you might straddle a line in the I/E department.  If you want to dig deeper, I recamend the Personality Hacker podcasts!  I have learned so much about myself and those I love through their scientific/applicable breakdown of the Myers Briggs typing system; it's a really beautiful thing!

LSDesign (not verified) says...

How does this test differ from an MMPI?

eu (not verified) says...

stuck between ENFP and ENFJ-T


Starman (not verified) says...

This mbti typing is nonsense, people change all through their lives, anyone who is switched on knows this

Rhonda WW (not verified) says...

starman, I've taken this quiz three times over a forty year period. My life and situation has changed so I thought so would my "four letters". I answered honestly. All three times, ENFJ.  When I was 16,  36 and now at 55. 

JLH (not verified) says...

I too have taken a few times since college in 1998. All times (regardless of life situation) ENFJ

Markis (not verified) says...

I don’t wanna die in the military so I’m glad it said that I should avoid that so I can tell my dad that I can’t be in the military 

Joz'f (not verified) says...

Serving in the military is a great way to get away from home or save for college. Doing 4 years was a great experience and I am glad I did it but I certainly did not make it a career - 4 was enough. If you don't lke guns and sleeping in tents or foxholes, take a look at the Airforce, the Navy or Coast Guard. 

P.C. (not verified) says...

lol. I am acomputer programmer and ENFJ. I seem to be doing just fine and don't why should I avoid this great career.

Cassandra Tomas (not verified) says...

Also, in terms of following your career path, have you heard of Rotary International? They give opportunities to volunteer, fundraise and serve local and international initiatives. I volunteer with them a ton and I love it, and I think they could offer a way for you. They have a focus on building peace in the world, in fact, they were instrumental in establishing the UN (http://nyrotaryunitednations.blogspot.com/2008/05/test.html). Climate change and peace building will need to go hand in hand in the future, and conveniently, Rotary offers peace fellowships/masters degrees (https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/peace-fellowships). I'm not sure where in the world you are, but there is a very good chance there are Rotary clubs in your area.

Just a thought, hope it helps!


Marl (not verified) says...

Dear Cassandra, 

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my comment! I'm glad that you enjoy your job as an engineer and I'm sure you are very good at it ;) I have a lot to think about right now (random: I've also started writing a book because I've always wanted to!) and I agree with what you say, that I probably shouldnt concern myself too much with what undergraduate degree I complete. Thats wonderful that you volunteer a lot! - I just looked at the rotary international website and will look more into it, thanks! Though I probably wont study international peace cooperation, the idea of a peace fellowship is amazing! 

Kind Regards from the UK right now, 


Marl (not verified) says...

Hi, I would appreciate some advice. Im 19 years old and have just started University - I couldnt decide what to study for the longest time (maybe because I secretely always thought Id become an actress) but I have always been interested in law. I am currently studying International Business and feel like it is not taking me in a direction that I will feel whole and complete when carrying out my job. As an "ENFJ" the charactersitics definitely apply to me, as I want to play a role in making this world a better place (environmentally, especially) and hope I have positive impacts on everyone I meet. Before I write too much, my question is this: Does anyone have any advice or suggestions in terms of career paths (and Undergraduate Degrees) that might be better suited for me in the long-run? I would be very thankful as Im still constantly questioning and worrying (not usual for me!). 

I love: creative writing, inspiring and motivating others and acting. If i continue with Business, I could see myself going into Human Resources. This might seem contradictory to what I love, but I am thinking about switching over to International Law to pursue the knowledge of how we can change our laws regarding climate change. I am very passionate about this though the actual career dreams (working in the UN or NGO) seem quite difficult to achieve. I definitely believe in myself but seeing as Ive been so indecisive about my path, I dont know if I would enjoy the career path as I dont know how much human interaction there would be. I have thought about teaching English but to be honest, Id really like to have an impact on the world as a whole rather than just humans, seeing as we are the ones destroying our Earth... That being said, this test has reminded me of the importance of harmonious human relationships for me and how much I love encouraging others. To anyone having read all this: hello and thanks! If I wouldve read this when I was younger, I would have been in disbelief that I could be so unsure about where Im going *sigh*.

Cassandra Tomas (not verified) says...

Hello Marl!

I caution you against focusing too much on finding an undergrad degree that is 'a good fit' for the ENFJ personality. In my experience as an ENFJ, anything that gives me opportunity to serve others, solve their problems, improve my surroundings and teach others, is a workable opportunity. In my case, I do that as a Materials Engineer. Read: a highly technical, specialized role. As I'm sure you know, we ENFJ are not known for being practical or technial, but if I may be so bold, I'm damn good at my job. In fact, I've found my altruism, empathy and natural ability to teach and inspire are an advantage in my role. I'm the technical expert on materials science in my 500+ person workplace, and often people don't understand what I'm talking about. But they know they can trust me to do what's best for the group (b/c I'm authentic and altruistic), that I'll spot what could be a problem for them even if they don't see it immediately (empathy), and that I can explain in plain terms a technical concept so they can understand (teaching), in fact often well enough that they relay it to others in a pinch and apply the knowledge elsewhere (inspire/empower). Also, even as an engineer, I get plenty of human interaction. I could have it non-stop if I chose. My writing ability and creative thinking has also proven an advantage again and again... they call it 'out of the box thinking' when you're an engineer lol.

So, if I can do all that in a very technical role, I am VERY confident you can that in law. In Fact!! I think you will find that background will be helpful in your mission on taking action against climate change. I scratch my altruisitic itch by volunteering whenever I can, and I therefore know the value of a law person to a non-profit or NGO. Even as an engineer I bring a different outlook to non-profits, which therefore gives the non-profit as a whole a more rounded view and approach to problems. I am confident you would do the same, even more so. The fact that you're asking these questions at 19 tells me you're determined and resourceful, which are always beneficial qualities. 

I can hear the passion in your words about pursuing an international law degree so you can act on climate change. I don't think you should let what an ENFJ 'should' do limit you. 


Grace says...

I am a ENT/FJ my results were 50%Thinking 50%Feeling but with a slight preference for Thinking. But my personality type changes depending on the circumstances from ENTJ to ENFJ, which when I think about it is totally like me. Since I am only 16 and a girl, I am wondering if as I grow older one may eventually take over the over and I only have one, but for now I am the 17th personality type😆

Asia Asia (not verified) says...

I'm impressed! While reading I did recognize myself, but I don't think that I am a very altruistic person though. My Russian friend advised me to check something they call "Volikov's test", which was quite cool too. this one involves some astrology I guess. Thanks a lot !

thebonnextdoor (not verified) says...

This is really amazing! This provides clarity on the questions that i have in mind.

CA(SA) (not verified) says...

Going back into auditing soon as an audit partner.It involves training of clerks to become chartered accountants.

Looking forward to the training part, but dread the auditing.

I love being helpful and the fact the I have knowledge people continuously ask for help my altruistic side.I hated accounting, until I realised how the system works to obtain grants for orphanages.Now my education became valuable to me as I can use my financial knowledge to not only assist, but build new homes.

Any ENFJ auditors out there?

Johnny Curry (not verified) says...

Management but no military is my goal! Yay!

huh? (not verified) says...

Sorry but i excelled as a programmer self taught btw who ascended to roles like sr. sys architect dba and admin as well as tech team lead. learned multiple languages and also a musician. am pattern thinker.  Natural programmer and i dislike people but came out enfj. go figure. I would never wanna be a minister. i like working alone. 

Jack Of All Trades (not verified) says...

It’s crazy how I’m a music producer, photographer, video director, and artist. I also studied psychology, and truly enjoy investigating and understanding how things work. My friends tell me I have a gift in motivating as if I’m a motivational speaker. I tend to always bring the best of out people and help build brand. Lastly, I’m an ENFJ.

Kelsey Kempa (not verified) says...

Wow...I am astonished to find so much magnanimity and positivity in this comment section. It’s nice to see fellow ENFJs helping each other...really. We’re in this together guys. We might not know each other personally...but we understand each other. This test is a beautiful thing and has changed my life, because now I’m taking the time to understand other people’s personalities as well.

I wish you all good luck in your affairs! ENFJ for life! -Kels

Denys says...

As an ENFJ my career path has been varied and very satisfying. 

My career path has included:-


Minister of religion 

Counsellor (person -centred) 

Careers Advisor 

Outplacement Cinsultant

Professional Actor 

Professional Musician (violin) 

Wellness Coach (Herbalife) 

Accredited Nordic Walking Instructor. 

I thoroughly enjoy being an ENFJ,  but I panic when presented with Maths, Accounts, Tax Returns etc. That's when I really appreciate the help of other personality types and their particular giftings! ?


Denys says...

I trained as a Myers-Briggs practitioner over 20 yrs ago. 

My original result was ENTJ because I worked in an organisation with a very strong TJ academic orientation. At the time of completing the questionnaire my preferences lacked clarity.

However, I learned to play to my preferences and became much more content and successful in my pursuits and relationships. As a result I discovered that I am clearly an ENFJ which I celebrate! ? 

I've used Myers-Briggs as a tool in Career guidance, counselling, and Management and Team Development. It provides an excellent foundation for helping ourselves and others discover, develop, and achieve personal potential. 

Fireguy96817 (not verified) says...

Aloha  !!

I am absolutley ENFJ ..... Firefighter, CPR/First Aid Instructor, Health and Fitness keeps me in a POSITIVE MINDSET, I'm the negotiator when disagreements arise with family and friends, Artist/Poet/Writer, and Travler/Adventurer/Explorer on this rock we inhabit.  Empath:  I can feel what those surrounding me are feeling without conversation (still learning what Empath means, yes 40yrs didn't know I was or that it was a term lol) waiting for my true calling that will affect a large portion of the population....... Not sure what it will be but I can feel it tugging/calling me...!!!   

My free advice after 17 years at the Firehouse, "Do it, jump to the "proverbial" opposite cliff  towards LIVING IN THE NOW towards starting a new career/relationship, TAKE that opportunity that you can feel it and "It feels right," you will never look back !! (Trust you senses and disrefgard that grey matter. LOL, Responsibly though..... right !?! 

We are a gifted group that I am proud to be a part of and always willing to help a stranger.....Even came close to cutting my time on the planet short more than a few times for a stranger's on Da'JOB.  No regrets though I am grateful and fortunate to be among the living, and I'm telling ya Im going to do something great, maybe that's just being a good Dad to my little girls and living by example.  So proud when I heard my oldest tell her younger sister who was hysterical, "I'ts NOT an EMERGENCY unless your DYING! Right Daddy?!"  That's right princess now give her back her doll. LOL.

Awwwrriiighttt    I leave you with my Firehouse quote, "Everyday ABOVE the dirt is a GOOD Day!"  

Live ALOHA !!



Kate says...

This is me, according to the test twice over. Hard to understand why...

H (not verified) says...

Hello ENFJs! Not a fellow ENFJ, but I want to just let you know, you're very inspirational! 

Erik Ulises (not verified) says...

I've been doing this test 3 times in different time and I always get the same answer, I just find really difficult to see my self as all these things they describe here and the other websites. but if I look deep inside me is like telling me something I forgot about myself a long time ago.    

Semfirius (not verified) says...

It took my almost 9 years of trial and error to actually have the guts on going after a job position in HR, as a Recruiter that finally satisfied my inner need to give back to the people of this world and help them in a way that I saw fit. 

Having a background education in Economics and Marketing and jumping from a sales position to another along the years put me to various scenarios and tasks where my " teacher " values were constantly requested and appreciated.

I left the sales and marketing environment due to the lack of long term personal and spiritual satisfaction.

But all of the experiences surely and wisely built me and lead to this.

After all, the accumulated psychological insight after years of dealing with endless spectrum of emotions and people, helped anyway.

I'd say, to everybody reading this - trust your inner voice, don't compromise for the sake of other's requests and needs when comes about your true calling and never forget to keep your authenticity intact. 

Us, ENFJs are probably the rarest and most capable Visionaries of the -NF- core-group.

You shall experience doubt, rejection, devaluation and many, many obstacles along the way.

Remember, always, that obstacles are just another set of lessons, which later on you shall wisely teach to the many. 


beajou (not verified) says...

I'm going nuts. being an ENFJ and there are lots of careers I want to do but I don't know which one to choose. I'm 30 years old and I'm not happy with what I did previously for living or what I studied at university. I don't have more time to waste. I want to decide and do something about my future career. all those jobs I'm interested in are on the list for an ENFJ: psychologist, pre-school teacher, marketing or sales specialist. I'm not sure which one is the best for me :(

Lisa Kippen (not verified) says...

Although not afraid to leave jobs at all. Would rather own the business and drive it! Determined create my own path. True to myself! Will go after whatever interests or suits my needs or agenda or learning path. Evaluate what works and what don't including people in my life and walk away from it without hesitation and begin a new. Look for new people and new tribe. Love the rest from a distant. Bless them & bless me! I go after and invest my time and energy into what I want!  Tolerance yes but I will not subject myself to peoples abuse in any way or anywhere! I believe in a higher self and a higher way of being. Empower myself to search for something better or create it myself. My tribe must be working toward self empowerment & everyone's happiness. Knowing what their value and potential is and helping everyone to thier success and be genuinely happy for each other! 

Uzma Mirza (not verified) says...

Well, the description and overview are spot on correct. But the career choices have listed Engineering and Computer Programming as something an ENFJ cannot work at. But I'm studying Computer Science Engineering and I seem to like it. 

Book of Enoch/Eli (not verified) says...

I've always been called crazy all my life. I'm super emotional but all I ever wanted was to help people and make a difference in their lives. I think anything I put my mind on is capable of doing but I need a reason to fight for I can't just do it for myself. I am all about the people but for the people around me. I attract so many different types of people but I still feel the most different out of all of them and this almost makes me feel lonely and depressed, despite that I know people love me. I like to give my all if I feel like the person really deserves it and I tend to believe in the people that has never been believed in. The best way i can describe myself is that I am the complete opposite of what people percieve me as. Am I crazy like they say I am? Or is it just that I am an ENFJ and the test that I took was accurate to me? And I still am unsure about my career of choice but I think I would really like to be a psychologist the one that helps people with their emotions.

Guest (not verified) says...

THIS RELATES TO ME SO MUCH!!!!!!! I'm actually an aspiring teacher, Math Ed. I want to go back to my home country and teach the children there! <3 <3 <3

Vincent22222 (not verified) says...

Wow! This really described me spot on! I was president of 3 clubs in high school. President of Christian Club, the Key Club (community service) and Editor in Chief of the School Newspaper. I did very well in school, and am a natural teacher, often found organizing people to take part in some educational activity. I like to take charge of a situation, and guide a group towards those activities and experiences which will help them learn and grow. I intuitively see the potential in people, and with charisma and warmth, encourage others to pursue greater development of their strengths. I am typically dynamic and productive, and are often visibly energized when leading others to discover new knowledge. I'm a good communicator, and talented at using words to connect with others. I am perceptive about people and enjoy talking about relationships. I often enjoy helping others solve personal problems and like to share their insights about people, their emotions, and their motivations. I am empathetic sometimes to the point of being overinvolved, and can become exhausted if I am surrounded by too much negative emotion.I am an ENFJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anous (not verified) says...

So glad to hear all of this, I am even getting a little emotional. After I reached the age of 40
I became a college teacher and I am incredible happy to inspire and help students. Loved reading the other comments because I also felt lonely sometimes because of my overcaring personality.
Although I want to work on my critical and judgmental traits.

Guest (not verified) says...

Well unlike apparently most ENFJ's I'm not religious in the slightest.

semgmp (not verified) says...

really great stuff to discover i am impressed by the truth about my personality, i am now looking to know more about myself and what i can achieve, will be glad to exchange words with other ENFJs.

Erica Lin (not verified) says...

This is deadly accurate! I've always loved teaching and helping others (and writing!) - so it makes sense to pursue something in those fields. 

However, it has been my life-long dream to be a lawyer (or a figure or representative of the law). On a post about ENFJs, it listed out which careers NOT to pursue, and "lawyer" was on that list. It stated that I am too kind-hearted and affectionate to be one. 

I'm only 14, so things might change. But it would really help if someone could share their experiences and advice with me! :) 

Much love, Erica 

StephanieJW (not verified) says...

Is there another ENFJ here who is a Cancerian?

Angel Anto (not verified) says...

Omg same. I'm cancerian and I have ENFJ. I think it's our thing

Eliya G (not verified) says...

Also a cancerian, very much in tune with the ENFJ personality type.

Steve Hooper (not verified) says...

Interesting and informative I'm comfortable being an ENFJ I did smile when I saw the pope had sat the test

Guest (not verified) says...

Wow this is amazing it's almost as if someone has evaluated me personally, and came up with this. It also explains why I've been wanting to be an animal's rights activist, and also why I love to train people at work even if it means developing them above me! Guys we are a unique breed, and maybe our positivity may inspire others to create change in the world, especially with these recent horrors.

Jennifer Kim (not verified) says...

teaching, preachy,public speaker, compassion for others, fundraising, studying MSW, learning to build solid friendships... I totally get it.

Abba Gadanya (not verified) says...

What a replica of humble self! It suprise me much, and at the same time helps me to identify my personality.

suejenn says...

Having done the test explains why I enjoy so much encouraging and getting others to learn and stretch in their thinking and grow as a result

Holymotherofgod (not verified) says...

Pretty amazingly accurate!

Monica Villanueva (not verified) says...

As what I'm seeing right now, some are facing the problem of choosing the perfect career as an ENFJ. Actually, for me, it doesn't actually matter what career we shall choose to take for as long as we feel that the career will have us involved in any activity that requires connection with people, self-expression, leadership and continous progressive change in people. These things might even just depend on how we approach the kind of life we have in the career we have chosen. As ambituous but not self-serving individuals, we could be anyone we want to be as long as we have the mindset that we are being valuable to others or are being involved in the improvement or positive change happening to them with the career that we have chosen. As what 16personalities.com says, ENFJs could be good at anything they're interested in. With this, we shouldn't be worried about what career we shall choose for as long as we are interested in something, our passion will guide us unto the way to the assurance that we have chosen the right path. I'm still at junior high school but I'm already so sure about taking Architectural Engineering. With this profession, I want to serve the community through producing innovations on building structures or buildings that would help in the development of the society. I also want to show people that nothing's impossible, to turn to reality their dreams of building what they thought would remain as a dream, and to teach them persistence. I love Architectural Engineering and I think it's perfect for the talents God gave me. I'm so happy that as young as I am, I have already discovered my talents which is a great factor in choosing the right career. Being an ENFJ has been always a blessing which is very important for me to always remember to remain confident. In my perception, we are made to believe not just in other people but also in ourselves. This is the reason why we should just go and believe we could be anyone we dream to be. With God, nothing's impossible.

guest (not verified) says...

Does anyone know any good jobs to do for a report?

Guest (not verified) says...

I do feel a connection to both ENFJ as well as INFJ. I do not think that I am a tried and true introvert OR extrovert, but somewhere in-between. Is that possible?

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