When you are in the dark about who you are, it can be hard to make the right decisions. Your in-depth personality report can help you embrace what makes you, you.

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  • Understand how the 23 facets of personality make up your unique personality fingerprint
  • Explain how your type informs your relationships, career and more
  • Assess how and why you make decisions
  • Identify your blind spots and strength at home, work and in your relationships

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Molly Owens had her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and was working as a therapist and an organizational performance consultant, when she first saw the transformative impact of personality assessments on individuals and businesses.

In 2012, Molly founded Truity with the goal of making high quality personality tests more affordable and accessible for all. Since then, the California-based Truity has helped more than 50 million people better discover their true selves — at home, at work, and in relationships.