Looking for an easy and affordable way to incorporate personality assessment into your coaching practice?

Truity offers valid, high-quality personality and career assessments through an easy-to-use online platform especially designed for coaches and counselors. Using the platform, you can:

  • Administer a variety of valid, reliable assessments based on popular theories like Myers and Briggs, Holland Code and the Big Five
  • Prepurchase tests at discounted rates, starting at $9/test
  • Send personalized test invites to your clients at your convenience
  • Track testing progress and view results when your clients have finished

There are no setup fees or certification requirements to use the platform. We have worked hard to ensure our assessments are easy to use and understand without any special training.

See How it Works 

Check out our quick demo videos to understand how the testing process works for your practice.



Be ready to test in just a few minutes

You can set up your new testing account in less than five minutes. To get started, simply purchase some test credits. Your account is created automatically—and instantly. Purchase as few or as many test credits as you need, complete our secure checkout process, and you're ready to start testing.



Send test invites directly to your clients' email

When you're ready to test, you'll just need your client's name and email to get them set up. Our platform allows you to quickly send each client an invitation to take a test which is delivered straight to their email inbox.


Your clients complete the test at their convenience

Your client receives a customizable email from our testing platform letting them know they've been registered for a test. They need only click the link included in the email to log in and complete their assessment. They can take their assessment anywhere, anytime, and they can view their results immediately after completing the test.


Track progress and view results easily from your account

You'll receive an email notification when a client completes an assessment. Simply log in to your account to view their results.

You can also track your clients' progress from your account, and send reminders if they haven't completed their assessment yet.

Questions and Answers

Are your assessments valid and reliable?

Yes. All of our assessments are based on established theories of personality and/or career selection, such as Myers and Briggs' system of personality typing, the Holland Code framework for career planning, and the Big Five theory of personality. We test each of our assessments against proven assessments from other publishers to ensure that they produce results that are as accurate (or more accurate) than comparable tools. We also test each of our assessments thoroughly for reliability and validity.

Can I configure my account so that my client does not see his or her results? I would like to be the only one with access to the results.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this option. Your client is shown his or her results immediately after completing the assessment. 

What is required to set up an account?

There are no certification requirements and you do not need to submit any information to set up an account. If you would like to get started right away, you can purchase test credits to set up your account instantly. Or, we can set up a free demo account for you to play with.

Can I try out a demo of the Truity Pro testing platform?

Of course! We'd be happy to set you up with a fully functional demo account and a few test credits to try out. This is the best way for you to see if our platform and assessments will work for your practice. Please go here to let us know you'd like to set up a demo.

Do I need to use test credits within a certain time period? Do credits expire?

No, test credits do not expire. You can purchase ahead of time to take advantage of the best pricing, and use your credits whenever you are ready.

Do you have special pricing for nonprofit organizations or charitable work? 

Yes, we do. Our basic rate for nonprofit organizations is $8/test. However, we also offer a "pay what you can" program for nonprofits with small or nonexistent budgets. Please read more and apply here.

Get Your Free Demo

The best way to understand the benefits of the Truity testing platform is to try it for yourself! We'd be happy to set up a fully-functional free demo account for you. All we need to set you up is an email address.