Making a Purchase

Is your site secure? Am I safe to enter my credit card information?

Our site uses SSL to secure your personal data.

I'm not happy with my purchase. How do I request a refund?

We have a no-drama refund policy. If you have purchased an assessment and did not get what you need from it, please request a refund by emailing and we'll get it taken care of.

If you have purchased multiple assessments for a group, we are happy to provide a refund on any unused credits.

Using Our Assessments

I am doing a research project and I would like to use one of your assessments. Is that possible?

You are welcome to use our online tools as part of a research project, however they must be used in their original online format (i.e. on the website) and not downloaded, copied, reproduced, or altered in any way. In other words, if you can complete your project by simply using the assessments on our website as any other visitor would, then you're a-OK.

Another option to consider is the IPIP database, which is an excellent source of public domain personality scales (i.e. free to use in your research project however you would like).

If your research will be published in a journal or professional publication, and you need further assistance to accommodate your study design, please email us at to discuss.

If you do use our assessments, we'd love to see how the project comes out! 

I have my own website and I would like to use one of your tests on my site. Is that possible?

We are currently working on an API which would allow third party websites and platforms to integrate Truity assessments. For more information, please visit Personality Test API.

I would like to use your assessments, but I need them on paper. Is this available?

Currently, none of our assessments are available in a paper format.

Links, Citations, and Republishing Content

May I have permission to link to your site?

Yes, you may link to our site. You do not need our permission. If you expect your link to drive an exceptional amount of traffic (for instance you are a large urban school district directing all your students to take one of our tests) then please give us a heads up by writing us at so we can make sure we're ready for you.

I would like to cite your website for a paper or research report. May I have your permission?

You don't need our permission to quote our work as long as you follow the standard guidelines for citing properly and avoiding plaigiarism

I would like to cite your website but need an author and publication date. Where can I find this information?

Most of the pages on our site do not have an author or date of publication available. Please follow the citation guidelines for web pages that do not list an author or date.

I would like to use your personality type icons for my project. Is this OK?

Our personality type icons are copyrighted so you may use them only in limited circumstances. If you would like to download them for a personal, one-time project (i.e. put them on a handout for a workshop you are leading), that is generally OK. If you are publishing a commercial resource or looking for imagery to use on your own website, please contact us at to discuss.

I would like to use your personality type descriptions on my website. Can I do that?

You may use 2-3 sentences from any of our pages on your site, with a link back to the original page on our site. Copying and pasting longer blocks of text, or whole pages, causes us problems with the search engines and is not permitted.

I would like to use some of the text from one of your career profiles. Can I do that?

All of the information on our career profile pages (i.e. Accountant, Writer, Counselor) is taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. This information is in the public domain and free to use or reproduce. Please visit the BLS site to get the latest information on your desired career, as well as info about how to cite the BLS profiles.

Working With Us

I have a website in a similar space and would like to discuss partnership opportunities. How can we do that?

Please send an email with a brief description of your company and the ideas you'd like to discuss to

You may also want to check out our affiliate program which allows websites with a psychology or career development focus to refer visitors to our site and earn commissions on any purchases they make.

I would like to advertise on your site. How can I do that?

Currently, we do not accept ad placements on This includes banner ads, paid blog posts, and sponsored links. 

I would like to write a guest blog for you. Is that possible?

We do accept guest blog submissions. We publish only original, well-written content that is highly relevant to our audience's interests. Most of our guest posters are very knowledgeable in either personality psychology or workplace/team dynamics. We do not accept tangentially related posts (i.e. job seeking tips, mental health topics). We will not respond to requests to contribute blog posts on clearly irrelevant topics (i.e. lawn care, discount Canadian pharmaceuticals) due to the inexplicably large volume of these that we receive.

For full guest blog submission guidelines, please visit this page. If you have questions about contributing a guest blog, please email Jayne Thompson at

Intellectual Property and Copyrights

Is this site affiliated with the Myers & Briggs Foundation or the publishers of the MBTI®?

No, we are not affiliated in any way with the Myers & Briggs Foundation (the entity which owns the intellectual property created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs) or with CPP, Inc., the publisher of the MBTI® assessment. MBTI® is a registered trademark of the Myers & Briggs Foundation. We do not offer assessment with the MBTI® instrument.

Does this site violate the copyrights or other intellectual property of Isabel Briggs Myers?

In a word, no. The theory of personality typing was originally developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs, however the fact that they originated the idea does not prevent others from exploring it, expanding upon it, or writing about it in their own words. In fact, some of the most well respected works on personality type have been created by people with no connection to Myers and Briggs, for instance David Keirsey (Please Understand Me) and Paul Tieger and Barbara Barron (Do What You Are, The Art of Speed-Reading People). 

The Myers & Briggs Foundation owns the copyright to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® assessment. This prevents anyone from legally copying the assessment for their own purposes. However, the ideas behind the assessment belong to everyone, and are for everyone to explore, learn from, and expand on. This means that others are free to create their own personality assessments, using their own methods. Examples of other assessments based on Myers' and Briggs' theories of personality type are the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and the Majors PTI.

Our TypeFinder assessment is based primarily on the theories of Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, along with aspects of the Big Five personality model, as well as our own research. It is an original work and is copyrighted by Truity Psychometrics, LLC.