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With 18 pages of insights about your motivations, characteristics, and true self, the custom Enneagram report provides a broad set of actionable truths for relationships, career, and life. We’ll look forward to seeing you both on your journey of personal growth.

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What customers are saying about the Enneagram test

“I can honestly say this is the most informative, accurate and thorough analysis of my personality type that I have EVER encountered.” — Katherine

“I felt like the report looked deep into my soul and pulled out the very essence of who I am. It confirmed many things I knew and showed me areas that I need to work on to become the best version of myself. So worth the money.” — Betty

“Spot on! The most accurate personality test that I have ever taken.” — Pascale

“I’m really grateful to have stumbled across this test and I’m motivated to grow and learn from it as a human being. If you are reading this review and double guessing where you should get at the full report. DON’T! Just do it. It’s incredibly insightful.” — Jeremy

“This brought up a lot of things I didn't realize I was automatically doing (positive & not so positive). It also brought up ways in which I can watch myself on the negatives and grow in the positives. Very insightful and useful!” — Jenn

“I like that the full report breaks into multiple categories and thoroughly explains how they’re all related. It also explains how you can try to improve in certain areas that aren’t so manageable. I’ll be recommending this to a lot of my friends and coworkers.” — Megan

“I found so many of the statements in my report to be true, especially the ones that were uncomfortable to read. The advice was also helpful. I am impressed that such a simple test can reveal so much.” — Phyllis

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