I have been called cold by a number of people over the years. I am not, and just see things from a slightly different perspective toward relationships and people. I have read a lot about ISTJs being in positons of authority such as Bank Manager or Police Officer. I do not fall into that line of thinking. I guess i'm somewhat the opposite of that, not wanting to be in those positions. Instead I prefer to keep a low profile and chose to be a long distance truck driver as a career because most of the time i'm quite happy with keeping to myself. With that line of work I sometimes went 3-4 days without talking to another person. That worked well for me. Now that I'm retired I spend a great deal of time alone, especially when my wife is at work, and I'm satisfied with that. Dont get me wrong. If there are people around I can be quite cordial and friendly, but I still prefer silence and solitude.

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