Remember, we are good at getting our thoughts down on paper. I'm slowly learning to convert that energy to typing instead of writing. Not easy! But we are needed now, our non-judgmental-ness...our openness to everyone. We are way-showers. It's easy to accept every one if you expect the same from them. You do your thing and I'll do mine...what ever happened to that?!? Except in the case of abuse of course! But really there is no reason for the division other than it is a plan to divide us...keep us fighting among ourselves and not look at the real enemy...not each other but the "power's that be"...the "ruling elite"...the government...what ever you want to call "them" All we have to do is realize OUR power and do something different. Don't shop at the big box stores. Don't go to fast food drive in's. Vote with your you really want "THEM" to have more of your hard earned money?!? How about GO to the local farmers you keep saying you're going to do...go do it! It's time for action. Not the guns blazing actions some are hoping for...not me but a lot of people I know. I'm calling for a different kind of action. Let's really pay attention to where we put our energy...our money. You worked HARD for that money. Are you really just going to pay for slave labor goods for a few cents cheaper. You worked hard for what $10 maybe $15 an hour... that gadget you just bought was made by a slave making 25 cents an hour, working 80 hours a week. WAKE UP We can change this, one purchase at a time.


Matt Gusick (not verified) says...

I do believe we vote with our money. I just wish I understood sometimes which product is the best one to buy. It isn't always clear.

niels says...

Good, important - and hard - thoughts PEACEMOM71

I think the challenge is, that a lot of people are justifying behavior with "it doesn't really matter that I do this, this one time...I'm only one makes no difference".

But it does.

Because the only way to make big change, is that a lot of people do very small things "in the right direction".

So the same argument that makes it alright to not "do the right thing" sometimes, is the same argument that defends us doing the wrong thing once in a while.

I personally think we should focus on making the beneficial behavior as easy as the bad one. That's the only way to get a lot of people onboard. Sadly, that approach is hard.

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