When I'm alone or with close family I'm INFJ when working my personality/behavior shifts to INTJ. When out in public or tired ,I tend to shift to INTP in behavior. My spectrum of my personality is INFJ,INTJ,INTP. what is your MBTI triad.


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I don't know what my personality triad is...but I definitely switch personality types away from a few, select people. I am actually an INFJ, but many people at work would probably peg me as an extrovert. It's because I work with the public, and when dealing with strangers I put on my 'public' face. It's not that it's a fake personality, exactly, but more like a different side to me that requires a lot more energy to sustain....it's pretty hard to explain. I never change who I really am, for example, if you ask me a hundred questions at home or in public I would answer the same, but more like how I present the answers might change? It's complicated. Any other INFJs have this issue??

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