I have recently had a work issue that had me trying to figure out how I could make my new boss' life/job a little easier. My problem, she really doesn't like me. She admits she has no hard reason for it and has gone as far as to say she doesn't trust me. And admits I haven't done anything actively to cause it. I'm at a complete loss. I'm here because she said something that implied she had a basic understanding of MBIT. I am almost at the point of letting her fall on her face but it would really effect my institution in a bad way HELP


August 13 (not verified) says...

1st off you have not adequately described your situation in detail sufficient to allow me to give a more strategic action plan - which gives me some evidence for why your new boss thinks you're a twat. Second, this is likely your own fault. By definition, ENTJ'S are leaders. When faced with an ENTJ subordinate, bosses may be even more conscious of their job [in]security. If she told you flat out she doesn't like you and for no specific reason at that, you should surely let her fall on her face then take her job. Unless you're just being an impulsive and arrogant twat right now.

You should otherwise consider: A. mimicking someone she does like, until you gain her trust [then crush her completely][seems like who she hates and likes is pretty observable, so observe]; or B. Following the procedures of your institution, report her up the chain of command [your boss telling you they don't like you nor trust you, and admitting it is for no apparent reason is going to lead to her having a nice talk with HR about office etiquette].

Clearly, this is not an exhaustive list of options you have and option B presents a greater risk of retribution some time later. I personally recommend option A for now with the understanding that you will be gathering evidence and strategically planning your takeover instead of acting impulsively. You should still let her fall flat on her face in front of her superiors, just be there to pick up the pieces or mitigate the damage she does if you care so deeply about this institution.

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