When I opened up the email from this site about the mailing list it brought up a graph showing INFP Male and Female demographics. Apparently males are outnumbered 22-78, while this isn't a bad thing at all and in fact makes me feel more like a special little snowflake, it's something I find interesting.
I've found online many INFP males struggle with a sense of masculinity that I myself am no stranger to, so is it within our characteristics that we are more "feminine" in nature? If so, then some types more classically feminine and masculine in nature regardless of the persons gender.


Bard says...

I think that 22-78 ratio refers to people on this site who have identified themselves as INFP. In the general INFP population, such as it is, we guys are outnumbered by a smaller margin--I think something like 4% of females and 3% of males are estimated to be INFP. Why so many more female than male INFPs are drawn to register here is an interesting question in itself, of course.

I'm certainly familiar with that struggle with a sense of masculinity, especially in earlier life; and I think it may well be connected with INFP traits, as introversion, intuition, and feeling are not part of the standard American ideal of masculinity. I don't know if INFP males in other cultures have similar struggles.

asakim26 says...

Simple answer is that I'm not sure how many people actually involved in this statistics. In order for it to be accurate so you can accumulate any conclusion you have to know how many people actually made the test. My guess is that no more than 50-100 people are involved in this ratio so it is too early to draw a conclusion to wonder about a "unique" ratio to this site.

Guest (not verified) says...

'I present the following as a "possibility", which needs to be skeptically examined rather than believed or rejected.

The question as to why there are more female INFP than males is both simple and complex. It is complex if you see yourself as being the physical body and it is simple if you see the physical body as being your vehicle. It's simple if you see humans as being both a spiritual and physical entity. Likewise, the mind/brain is both non-physical (consciousness) and physical. The physical body is defined and can be identified by its unique set of genes. The spiritual side of body is defined and can be identified by its unique spiritual personality.

Unlike the physical body which is identified as being male or female, the spiritual side is both male and female. As a general rule, one side is more dominate than the other. Similarly,
the spiritual personality is more dominate than the physical body's personality. The LBGT community is an example of that reality. The "spiritual source" of what is defined or known as INFP is female and INFJ is male.

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