I'm still in school, and I feel like everyone around me has no thought proccess, they just do the first thing that comes to their minds. Is this really the case? I have no idea. They all act like idiots, all the time. It makes me so angry that they won't just shut up. They have to values, no morals, it seems like they're all just zombies, teachers and students alike. When I start to talk about intellegent/theoretical things like how we haven't found aliens yet or time travel, I'm met with sighs and dirty looks. Is there any way to cope with this? Do I just have to deal with it until they mature? Is this just how people are? Is there anything to do about it?


Emily (not verified) says...

As a fellow INTJ female who has ALWAYS felt the same way, my best advise is when you get to college major in something technical, as this will contain more like minded people. In college, join meetups and groups that are also like minded. 

Those people that you are refering to will never change. It will infuriate you that the intellectual conversations that you tried to have with them and the truth that you tried to speak to them they will later "realize" *eye role*. You will be screaming inside saying "I FUCKING TOLD YOU". It's difficult to watch those idiots make bad choices when you can see the behavior patterns and the future implecations.  

The beautiful truth is you are different and VERY rare. This is amazing and infuriating all at the same time. No one will understand you, yet they all wish they could be you. Many will be mad at you purely because they cant understand you and control you. Your intelligence, insight, and ability to not give a fuck are incredible and they are things that others will always envy.  Be unapplogeticly who you are, try to show a little tolerance to those idiots, and soon you will find your people. 

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