I took three different tests and the results say I am an INFP. I fit the description but I seem to fit the description for INFJ as well. The two seem quite similar. I am a very disorganized person but I prefer order and used to be able to achieve it when I younger. The percentages are close. INFP 64% INFJ 59% What do you think?


D2m2home says...

I agree. My results show INFP; however I am sure I am INFJ..

spencertimmerman says...

INFP and INFJ is probably the most common mistyping around. The differences aren't very noticeable, but understanding each type's function stacks can often clear things up. Here's a good article that explains what I mean: http://www.personalityhacker.com/infp-vs-infj/

Also keep in mind; INFJs are much rarer then INFPs, so statistically you're more likely to be an INFP. However; if you're sure you're an INFJ, don't let that figure get in the way ;)

(P.S. I'm most DEFINITELY an INFP)

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