Ok so obviosuly there's no tried and true way or place to find an INTJ, but I'm so irked by the idea that it's the only personality type I can be in a successful relationship with! Especially being the rarest type.. My last boyfriend was an INTJ, and our connection was nothing short of a fantasy for years. We didn't work out for reasons I've only recently come to understand. But he's long gone, and the past year has me wondering if I'll ever find another perfect match for me. I get approached and hit on a lot, but my immediate reaction to everyone is just.. disinterest. It takes such intensity for me to think a guy is worth it, and it constantly brings me back to the belief that they have to be this practically nonexistent personality type! (I'm an ENTP)


JustinJustin (not verified) says...

I'm right here, where are you?

Jay01 (not verified) says...

I'm a SBM, 53; Heavy-Set in Baltimore, MD.. INTJ it's very near impossible for me to find a relationship because of it. Good thing I was handsome when I was younger because I have my memories to reflect on. Not as handsome anymore, so, I maybe in a world of trouble with the ladies.

Guest (not verified) says...

I'm an INTJ man. You need to look online, otherwise your efforts will be mostly futile. OkCupid or someplace where you can use words to describe things is ideal. Bumble and Tinder are inherently superficial in nature and unproductive for INTJs. My advice is to try to work out who is an INTJ based on hobbies to the extent you can. Keep in mind that many of us may be nerdy in nature. Also, don't be so superficial when you're looking. If you're willing to date a guy who is of average height (for example) then your world will fill itself with a lot more opportunities.

BTW - Where can I meet an ENFP lady other than at a huge party where I'm unable to have a one-on-one interaction with her?

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