My dream job would be to either be a journalist or a writer. I have always loved writing and finding new info. What is YOUR dream job?


Guest (not verified) says...

anything that can satisfy my passion for learning and innovating, most things i find tedious and try to invent new ways of doing the same thing but better

Guest (not verified) says...

Definitely a poet.

But I'm about to go back to school (already have a degree in psychology, helped me learn a TON about myself!) to be a Social Worker and that is all I can ask for in this life. Poetry/writing/drawing will always be my stress-releiving, no pressure hobby and I'd like to keep it that way! Maybe when I'm MUCH older I will take it a bit more seriously, but for now I use it solely for soothing.

beyonce (not verified) says...

A kindergarten teacher!! Man oh man, it combines ALL my interests: psychology (developmental), the broken educational system in America, helping people, nurturing creative and social development and growth, and kids. jfc I love kids, they're so open and goodhearted and kind and tiny souls with big hearts and wOW, kids are just great. Plus, they're still in the most formative stage of their life, and for me to be a part of it????? dream come true.

I wanted to be a psychologist/counselor for YEARS, but geez--those 12 years of college? No thanks. Also a pretty dark subject and my 3 A.M. thoughts are dark enough, I don't need to be adding worrying about my clients and how I can solve their problems to that. Not that I don't care about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!1 I care too much about them and I've been trying to focus more on myself for the past year or so, and I'm going way off topic I just realized.

But I get that psychology I really want and am interested in, in teaching because developmental psychology is fascinating, and the brain is still growing and new functions are popping up and wow, not only could I help them form those functions in a healthy way, but to just be a part of their growth, period, is satisfying all in itself. Being a kindergarten teacher is the only career that I've felt 100000000000% comfortable with so far, and honestly, for the first time ever, I'm excited about college. I used to dread it, and I've had 3 meltdowns over college, where I've just sat criss-cross on my bed and just sobbed because I was so worried about it and I had no idea what I wanted to do and I wanted to make my mom proud and I wanted to be able to support myself but not work a boring, paperwork desk job but I also didn't want to do something where I'd be dealing with people who expected so much from me all day every day etc., etc.

And I feel like kindergarten teacher is a happy medium because yeah, there are people who will expect so much from me all day every day, but they'll be 3 feet tall and won't care if my shirt matches my pants/skirt or not, and honestly, that's more than I could ask for with any other career. Plus, I won't be stressed about it, I'll be happy to try and provide what they want.

I can fingerpaint like nobody's business.

Lulu (not verified) says...

I am working towards becoming an Occupational Therapist. I want to specialize in elder care, specifically helping seniors age in place and live life to the fullest. I looooove the elderly and feel like they have a lot to teach and contribute to our society.

INFP 31 (not verified) says...

I'm currently a dance teacher and I also work doing some performance work - dance and circus. I love the performance work but I sometimes find the teaching a bit stressful.
I'd be interested to know if there are any other INFP's out there who are performing artists/ artists?
I'm also not sure what I want to do long term once my body is too old to be a dancer - am interested to know what other INFP's are doing and what's working for them.

attnaugustinefine says...

New to this forum but just posted a little while ago about my career path. I am an ENFP but about 50/50 E/I whatever that means. I am thinking I might get into counseling once my dancing legs give out.

Guest (not verified) says...

Human Resources is a great field of INFP's who have a slight bent for thinking and judging. You get to help people fit in where they are best suited, support them in their teamwork, train and coach leaders, and spend hours introverting over new information. You also get to help make people's worlds right when things are going astray. It's very important to find an organization with ethical leaders, or you'll struggle to support them. I love being in HR.

Guest Towel (not verified) says...

INFPs are known to possess a great deal of curiosity. For me hunting things down and not giving up until I find the treasure or solve the mystery would be ideal. I would love to deep-sea dive to find historical wrecks. And gold, mateys, would be a bonus! I currently am a genealogist so I am a happy camper. And like most INFPs I detest the paperwork involved!

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