Hi guys, so im an infj and my first career choice throughout high school was always being a teacher. But then I thought of the way the kids might prey on my weakness of being nervous and insecure. Then after a few years I thought that psychology would be great for me since I have great insight to offer but it often feels as if I can never explain myself the right way. So I didn't think it would be very helpful to give my insight to troubled people if I myself am troubled. Iv suffered a good amount of emotional abuse from my step father since he is a "manly man" and iv always been so sensitive. I love taking care of people and have thought of being a male nurse but I don't like to see open wounds and it makes me very un-easy. People often consider me dumb and don't really take me serious or respect my opinions so any type of career involving research is off the table for now. BTW I am 20 years old and live in the poverty ridden area of east Houston. If anyone has any types of suggestions they will be greatly appreciated. Sorry for any mis use of words and/or typos.


Becky764 (not verified) says...

I really like computer coding and programming/websites,really intrigues me. I do have some that like advice n I give it and have done some teaching. I found teaching and advisement has been very stressful and leaves me dissatisfied with some out comes that were negative because they won't listen/do what was talked about. My computer does what I tell it to do and sometimes you can get your point across better. I am 48 yr old female/mother/grandmother. I could never get a job at your age so I created my own work/job/entrapeuner. I found that I do better work alone anyway. I am now starting a new venture, which is what we do, n its going to be most prosperous! I had the goal of becoming an attorney at your age but life happened and things changed. I believe you may be limting yourself and you should think outside of your box for work. I am the same personality as you. I encourage you to become your own boss.

whitegirlinasia (not verified) says...

I am an INTJ and I have been teaching ESL in Asia for 6 years. I have to say it makes you grow some serious cojones. If public speaking makes you nervous, just wait until a parent takes the word of their 6 year old over yours. It is an incredibly stressful position and I am very pleased this will be my last year doing it. And of course, there are some mean kids who will just straight up disrespect you/ insult you/ say mean stuff to you. If you can't handle that sort of vitriol from some kid who's getting knocked around by his parents everyday so he's mad at the world, it's probably not for you. (Child protection laws are very weak in Asia, so there's no way to report it. In case you were wondering)

If you think you might want to be a teacher, I would suggest teaching English in a foreign country for a year to see if you like it (assuming you have already got your BA)

INFJ's are well suited to counseling according to this site and others. I think that that may be a better way to go.

INFJ1961 says...

If only I knew at your age what I know now!

While I do enjoy sharing with people, I've come to learn that it would be in a limited capacity (rather than ongoing), and to either individuals or small groups of people (preferably individuals). So, I know now that I being a teacher would not be a good choice, but that being a tutor might work quite well. Before really getting better acquainted with my type, I took on a job as a flight attendant for a very extravert heavy carrier. It was extremely challenging, but because I was also seeking personal growth, it ended up being a case of lemons and lemonade. I'd become a student of Wallace D. Wattles' "The Science of Getting Rich." Among many things, it explained that becoming successful financially must involve dealing with people on some level, and talked (I used the audiobook) about putting its principles to work at work. So, this job I was beginning to resent became my laboratory. Still, I knew I didn't want to do it forever.

I remember on one particular flight, I noticed a passenger was reading a handbook on MBTI. I'd read the same handbook when a team I worked in took the course together. I asked him what his connection to MBTI was. He said he's getting certified in it. I thought that was awesome. I told him I was an INFJ. A passenger in the row behind overheard and said "that can't be - that's only three letters." He misheard, so I repeated. In a fraction of a second, he said shot back, "so - you're in the wrong job." Stunned for a moment, I said "finally, someone who gets me!"

The job and I hung together until intuition and instincts grew so strong, I just couldn't keep doing it. I'd been studying up on copyright law in regards to royalties, because I have been writing songs over the years and decided that that surely that is the path for me to pursue. In my younger years, I was not supported in this. If anything, I was usually discouraged, since those who "knew" said I didn't have the backbone for the music business.

That was in my mid to late 20's. Thirty years later, I still wake up in the middle of the night with ideas for one to seven songs running through my mind.

So, I left my job last year, quite abruptly. I've eked by on a meager savings account. I've released three singles, though I haven't exactly hit the motherlode yet. But I have no regrets over leaving my corporate job. And the vision of my songwriting continues to evolve.

Songwriting works for this INFJ because I am very much "word-oriented." I've been writing lyrics for over 3 decades. They are not long-term projects in and of themselves, and once completed, the message is finite. So, I have to be particular about what I'm writing, because once released, it's sort of "carved in stone." And that appeals to me. Although I currently provide the vocals (because I'm the most affordable talent), I actually hope one day to write and perhaps, compose and produce, but employing outside vocalists. Fame is not a goal. If anything, it's the beast I want very much to avoid.

So, that's my input. Also, there is a quiz on this sight that can help zoom in on what type of job might best be suited to you. In my case, writing (including but not limited to songs) is a match - but I already knew that.

Hope this helps. Best wishes!

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