Hey ENTPs.
I'm actually an INTP, and as you may tell from the title of this conversation, I am completely hopeless at this mysterious thing known as flirtation. I hardly even know what it is, let alone how to DO it. Any advice for an awkward nerdy INTP going into senior year of high school? Like, how to know when someone's flirting with you and the appropriate way to respond? Tips? Techniques? Usually I don't care about stuff like this and I absolutely LOATHE small talk and meaningless pleasantries but lately this guy has caught my attention and I hate being so helpless at this, because he'll never notice me and I'm done with being passive about what I want. I wanted to know what my extraverted counterparts do when it comes to flirting and interacting with someone you're romantically interested in. Please help! Thanks


Char (not verified) says...

I am an INTJ (close enough). I would think I'm bad at flirting too since I'm in 8th grade and have no experience. But maybe get to know him and try to be friends. It would be kinda weird to flirt with someone you barely know. If you know him well enough to have an idea of his personality type that would help too.

lexie.white says...

I think I may not have been clear enough when I was explaining this... I've known him for a while and he's a classic ENTP. When I said I wanted him to 'notice' me, I meant in a romantic sense as opposed to just as his dorky friend.

Luis (not verified) says...

Hi Lexie,

I'm an ENTP guy who has dated introverts and have actually dated my best friends, and I can tell you from experience, focus on your strengths. Show him your world, things you enjoy and don't mind those things that make you feel "dorky". If he's your friend, he obviously likes you, so you have that going for you. For guys, the physical connection leads to emotional connection, so the next step is to introduce the physical attraction as part to your relationship and make him notice you as a sexual being, not just a friend.

Easy but effective tactic, is escalating compliments. Guys are not used to receiving compliments, be stealth. Say "that shirt (or any other item) looks good on you" and move on, just an observation (don't be creepy nor keep complimenting). If he's an extrovert, he wont resist and reciprocate, that's your in. As days go by and you start seeing he notices you physically, take it up a dodge, be more direct about each other, seek slight physical contact and wait for him to continue. If he's interested, he'll come on board, just make sure it's a balanced equation. If you do some effort, wait for him reciprocate, otherwise it's unbalance and things will fall apart.

Those are my 2 cents. Hope it helps.


mikael kors watch (not verified) says...

Hi there, how's it going? Just shared this post with a colleague, we had a good laugh.

Guest (not verified) says...

If he's ENTP, just engage him in conversation that is stimulating, or ask him to help you with a science project ( you'll do all the work hell just have an awesome idea )

Nemo Vi (not verified) says...

This post was from a long time ago Lexi, but here's what you do. (If you're still listening) (if he's still there)

Write him a note with a list of all the things you want to do to/with him. Ask him to put a check mark next to anything he wants to do.

That's it. He'll take it from there. If he isn't in a relationship, he'll take you up on it. Don't worry about "ruining" your friendship. He's an entp, he's looking for fun new things to do and explore. That includes a relationship with you. Guys are easy, I have no idea how girls have such trouble with them.

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