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Hamlet722 says...

From my experience of knowing ESFJs, it's dependent on the intensity of said ESFJ's Feeling function. I am by no means an expert on MBTI, but one ESFJ I know has an incredible relationship with an INFJ because they are on the same page with the FJ and complement each other with E/I. Any disconnect between them is a Sensor/Intuituve area of conflict, but their similarities outweigh their differences and they have learned to admire and love the other's ability to absorb information differently. Going back to the Feeling intensity, said ESFJ has difficulty in relationships with many Thinking individuals because of sensitivity differences. Though I am a Feeler, I'm much less sensitive and love meeting and working with Thinkers. Ultimately, however, it really comes down to two people learning to admire one another and enjoy life with one another. I'm a technical ENFP and one of my best friends is an ISTJ and we have an increidble relationship. It's all in learning to communicate and love one another.

I realize I have only a single example, but I hope I could be of some help or encouragement!

Best of luck in any future or current relationships,


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