Hi everyone,

Im an INFP, swing to an E, if around people!

I tend to get burn out very quickly, just left a nursery job, which was down to greedy management, but its a long story!

Im now finding it tough to know what i want, Ive moved alone into a new town, also feeling very lonely and isolated.

Would be good to hear to some ideas. I like to write, work with children and dogs. I have an English Degree, Counselling level 3 and a playwark diploma and health and social care nvq 2 course. I have more qualifications but no work!!

I also proscrasinate terribly and feel my life is just drifting by, while all the other types have got it together!

Thanks peeps for listening! x


N/A (not verified) says...

I also have the feeling of my life passing me by a lot, and right now I'm procrastinating studying for exams!

As I'm a student I'm still tossing up what I'm going to pursue and how it will keep my interest. I've always been ready for an adventure though, so I know whatever I do I'm going to want to travel around while doing it. It also has to feed my creative journey, which travelling is sure to do.

You might like to think about this kind of job, I know I do when I get bored of what I'm doing every other day. Might not be so good for the loneliness aspect, but then that depends on the nature of the job. If you're working on an airline for instance, you'd be surrounded by coworkers most of the time and that would probably do for social interaction.

Good luck!

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