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bucherre323 says...

Being spontaneous can can cause joy or concern in your partner. My wife says that my idea of vacation planning is get in car, drive south! While this is slightly exaggerated, there have been many times when, let's see what happens, has led to marvelous experiences. Even the bad or boring times can be dealt with

J@cques (not verified) says...

I'm also quite impulsive but my wife of 30 years is an INFP. We couldn't be more opposites but we make it work. We have the most to learn from each other. I love this site. If my wife ever dies, heaven forbid, and I am still relatively young, I would actually get my dates to take this test! I mean, why not? On the flip side, I would hope that if I were to die, my wife would do the same but she wouldn't because she thinks this site does not mean much. To her, it's like "whatever" and to me it's like "Wow". I guess I'm learning from her not to take things so seriously and perhaps she has learned something from me as well. She is a very spiritual woman which I find quite freaky. She believes and apparently gets visits from ghosts! She has like a 7th sense, it's really weird and no, she's not nuts! I have witnessed, through her, a lot of Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.

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