i have read about infp and their characteristics. it fits my characteristics but people around me says that i am lazy and a real loser. i want to know whether i can succeed in life


Zach (not verified) says...

Try not to be devastated by the crowd opinion. Even not knowing you and your personality, I still believe that you can success in life and one of the keys of doing so is passion. Find your passion, find something that makes you feel good about yourself - find a dream. Never give up on your dreams and keep pushing yourself beyond your limits and that will bring you to wherever you want to be in life.
Good luck!

Guest (not verified) says...

Stuff what people say! Being an INFP does not mean you are lazy and won't succeed, it means we think creatively and are perceptive with our options. To us, things aren't worth doing if it doesn't line up with our morals and values. So find something that lines up with what you believe and gives you the influence you need to impact people how you want to.
It doesn't matter what personality type you are, you can and will succeed in life if you want to.

God bless!

Lluvia_z says...

I can see how people can confuse being able to relax and enjoy the moment for "laziness". Many other characteristics of our temperament are similarly seen in a negative light. Take introversion, for example--in a world that values extroversion so much that introversion is almost seen as a disorder and everyone competes to be "the life of the party," one can develop very negative self image. It's easy for me to say don't listen to these people but that would probably not be helpful. Maybe I can advise you to listen to YOUR HEART. Being an ethical introvert, your ability to feel what rings true in your own heart is your greatest strength.

velvetcactus (not verified) says...

I noticed the date of your post, and hope you came to the realization that those around you needed to be replaced by those who understand you and are in your corner. I was deemed as lazy as well, but for me, I just could not do things for the sake of it. Once I found something I was passionate about and it lined up with my values, I was gung-ho. It just takes time to sort through what you can put your convictions into! (Lazy,my a__!)

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