So, I'm in law school now. And am bored for the longest time ever. Lectures are fine, but nothing really mentally simulating outside the academic realm. (if you get what I mean). Perhaps it's just the unfortunate law school that I'm in. But anyway, any ideas on what to do to boggle my brain while trudging through yet another boring year? Thanks!


GodiGisel says...

Hey there.
I can feel your pain, I'm also ENTJ and I was in law school for a time. It was terrible. I suggest you to do meditation hours regularly. Sports is also good idea. Make some frienship with ESFP-s/ENFP-s, they are easy going, and like to do fun things.

We can speak in private if you want.:)

singincpalawyer (not verified) says...

I am an ENTJ, and I am now a lawyer, with 8 years of practice.  When I was in law school, I felt the same way you did.  So aside from focusing on academics, I worked on the side and became active in our student council.  I had a wonderful time as President of the student body.  I think extra-curricular activities, which will highlight your leadership skills, will make you flourish in law school.  Btw, the first few years as an associate are not exactly happy ones, but I can assure you that it gets better as the years go by.  All the best!  God bless!

Raylin (not verified) says...

I'm ENTJ too, and playing chess on line helps me with boredom, also I meet plenty of likeminded people. I can't imagine law school would be fun in any way. Lol


Guest (not verified) says...

ever think of shifting to another law school which is totally a different system in another language other than your native one? perhaps this make fun at times, with cross cultural stuff, new surroundings and so on. take care

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