Hey Truity community

Recently took the personality test and I was shelved as an INFJ (22,28,3,6) F is borderline 3% and this got me thinking that my indiciseveness and inability to act are due to being torn between emotion and thought. Generally I am a very intuititve and analytical person with the ability to find good ideas and combine them but I can also get many magnitudes emotional and extremely idealistic, swittcing between these two mindsets is not boring but draining and does no work. 

Any suggestions upon my personality score , my little hypothesis or a way to deal between my mini-schizophrenia? 

Best, William


Wilson says...

The INFJ and INTJ types are borderlining. INFJ's are commonly mistyped as INTJ's because of their experiences in life. What an INFJ has gone through will influence their Fe to seem more like Ti.


ladidalola says...

I'm an INFJ and my husband is an INTJ - him being a dominant T and me a dominant F.  The polarization of these two attributes make us very different from each other in decision making, analyzing, and communicating. 

My work requires a lot of analysis and critical thinking but I'm still very much a "feeler" because despite knowing what's right (logically) and the most efficient way to solve a problem, I will still act on what benefits the relationship or the common good even if it's the longer or more painful route for me. Hope this helps. 

rosegeranium says...

"despite knowing what's right (logically) and the most efficient way to solve a problem, I will still act on what benefits the relationship or the common good even if it's the longer or more painful route for me" 


This resonates with me. I'm often aware of more efficient ways to solve problems too, but for the sake of harmony, I'd choose to be lenient and act with kindness instead.

Sarah says.. (not verified) says...

I couldn't agree more with all of this! 

I also feel that as an intuitive feeler, vs an intuitive thinker, we are typically programmed a bit more to make decisions based on what we "feel" or empathize that others are needing from us as opposed to simply doing it because it's logistically/objectively what someone needs.

also it helps me, whenever I have questioned whether or not I am actually another letter type versus any of the INFJ traits, to remember that just because you may come out higher with one trait and less in the other it doesn't mean that you don't still have some of the other traits characteristics. It's a continuum for a reason, and I personally find it cool that this person is almost in the middle of the Feeling and Thinking category! I wish I was more in the middle there (being pretty bad with objectivity and logic some days).

Sean1996 says...

Hey dude,

I'm an INFJ with INTJ friends. One of them actually got confused just like you, so I hope this helps! Right, so a pretty big one is how INFJs are warmer. We're really warm, but we're also crazy shy. When I was 15, I hated talking to strangers. I actually had to bully myself for a few years until I became outgoing - Even talking on the phone to strangers... Urgh, don't get me started. By contrast, INTJs are not too bad confidence-wise. They are colder though.

What else..? Being feelers, INFJs have a harder time with money - INTJs seem to be more pragmatic. And we also get lonely way faster than INTJs since we have extraverted feeling, which needs to be stimulated, being around people - INFJs are actually recognised as the most extroverted introverts. INTJs don't have that problem though. With extraverted thinking, you can stimulate it just by talking online. It's still exchanging ideas, just in a different medium. INFJs though, we need more human contact. Anyways, there's heaps of info on the interweb about this. Go take a look :P

becc (not verified) says...

I like that you are a combination of both that means you are a very balanced decision maker and function in a way that is functional for both feeling and productivity :) 


If you live near New York we should chat. 

allthatjazz says...

I understand what you are talking about completely. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that different situations can require different ways of thinking. (Head or heart) However, it is understandable that some people instinctively tend to use their head or heart more, which is why it is a question when determining personality type since your personality is determined in large by life experiences. 

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