I am an INFJ and I totally fit that personality type. I just feel as if I have such an issue with being highly sensitive and sometimes I really dislike feeling this way. Does anyone else strugle with this? 

My best :-) 


PJS (not verified) says...

I definitely struggle from this. It is hard for me to relate to everyone around and I am highly sensitive. For years I wanted to chnage this and it didn't help I had gone through certain circumstances that made things worse...I now feel that I am more comfortable with who I am, although I am still senstive but I get over things a lot quicker...its good to know they're others around...and quite honestly I would rather be sensitive than the opposite..hope this helped...wish you all the best!!

GC (not verified) says...


   I can totally relate to this but I've accepted it. It's part of who we are as an INFJ and you shouldn't see it as a struggle or even dislike it. Embrace it so you can be happy with who you are. Being highly sensitive can be overwhelming but if it seems too much, try meditation/deep-breathing. Never neglect your emotions!

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