I am just wandering, has anyone experienced their tests scores having been changed; manipulated or altered?

I took several of these tests back in March of of 2015; and printed out my results. I logged in yesterday, and I was perusing some of my results from March of 2015; particularly dealing with "The BIG FIVE", I noticed my scores on my tests from 2015 were different from my printouts. I also noticed that two of the tests, my scores were gone; not available, and their is a link saying I needed to update the scores/ take the test again. This concerns me a bit because, the scores that are listed on some of my tests for 2015; which clearly were changed are nothing like me at all.

I am wondering if anyone has experienced this since being on this site? I am glad I printed my scores and results out back in 2015 when I origionally took the tests. I did retake the big 5 and a couple others yesterday; and luckily, I scored the same on the Big 5 as I originally did back in 2015. Has anyone else had this experience?


littlechi4us3 says...

I just took a look at the career surveyed test that I took back in 2015; it is the one that is saying I need to update it. Well, it has been changed/ altered...these were not my original results for this test; I printed the originals out in 2015. But now, ironically, it is requiring a $29.00 payment to take the test. What is the deal here?

Truity says...

Hello and thanks for letting us know what is going on! I'm going to email you to try and sort this out. We do sometimes update the scoring on our tests, which may alter your results slightly for tests you have already taken, but they should not be drastically different. And if you purchased a test, the results should still be available to you at any time without an additional payment. However, I'll send you an email so we can dig into the issue further and locate your results.

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