Hi, I am a female ISFJ.  I have major depressive disorder and I struggle with knowing who I truly am and what I truly like. So, I recently started looking into my personality type. I'm learning a lot now that I know I am an ISFJ,  but I don't know what kinds of things I enjoy in life and like to do. What kind of things do you other ISFJs ( male or female )  like to do?  Careers? Hobbies? Interest? 


Guest (not verified) says...

Hi, I am a male ISFJ , aged 23 and unfortunatley going through the same conundrum. Until last year, I was fine working on what I had pursued, which is Biomedical Engineering but never enjoyed doing it. I was very close to my mother who expired midway during my work tenure and soon after I went through a break-up as well as a few family related issues. Soon after I quit my job because I lost complete interest and meaning to my life and then struggled to find and explore what I truly loved doing and what I can do as a possible career prospect. It's been more than a year now and even though the personal issues have all died down, I am still facing issues realizing what I want to do next and to be honest it's taking more time than a normal person would take to decide. Fortunaltey I have had the privilege of having good friends who understand what I went through and keep up with my procrastinating behaviour and encourage me on a daily basis to explore myself,thereby turning things around positively. After reading through this post, I too feel that I might and still am going through patterns similar to "Existential Crisis", episodes similar to its symptoms which I read on Wikipedia, which do occur rarely but almost occasionally a couple of months back. On a serious note, I would like to request the reader who can provide insights as to how I can overcome my disability and advance myself with the same series of questions that were asked in the above post. Any feedback will be appreciated.

AyM says...

Hello, I'm fairly certain I'm a female ISFJ as well. Apparently, I've struggled with a similar situation, although I didn't initially concieve it as depression (I just thought feeling less intensely than everyone else was a personality trait of mine). I hope you're able to go through this depressive disorder as soon as possible. 

I'm currently studying sociology, but my uni's got general courses on different humanities, statistics and social sciences, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm particularly interested in opening my mind to learning more about my country, without abandoning my maths. 

I've got mainstream hobbies, haha. There's nothing better than laying in bed, whether it be just thinking about highlights of the day, chatting through my phone, reading some fun books, watching a film, etc. My social need is covered at uni, but if I'm feeling it, I do enjoy going out to eat with my mates. Karaoke nights –home alone or out with mates– are the bomb.

Getting in a fandom might be nice for you, it allows a sense of belonging to a group and might help articulate your interests better. Which fandom, that's the point. Try to pick one of the less toxic ones, preferably small groups. Or, if you like something with a larger fandom, perhaps a sub-group could fit.

However, once you've 'found yourself', by all means do not limit yourself to liking just 'ISFJ things'. Try to explore with your closest friends, especilly Es.

I would give the same advice to the guest above :) Hope it helps!

(P.S.: sorry if I expressed myself weirdly, English is not my native language)

Second Career (not verified) says...

I am a female, mid 40s, ISFJ. I went into chemical engineering just out of high school because I really excelled at math and science. I worked for a few years before giving it up to raise my children. I am now looking at going back to work, but the thought of engineering no longer appeals to me. I have no interest in climbing the corporate ladder, as I know that does not suit my personality. I found myself very drawn to nursing and am planning to go back to school, despite many people not understanding why I would walk away from such a well-paying field.


My interests are mostly solo activities - reading, exercising, cooking, walks, gardening, movies, etc.

Good luck.

Mcolli02 (not verified) says...

Same here. In my mid 30's and looking to change careers. Also a female ISFJ. I'm also looking into nursing. Are you still pursuing this? How is it going?

Second career (not verified) says...

Hey there! I am halfway through with my prerequisites and scheduled to take my HESI exam next week. If all goes as planned, I will start a second degree BSN program in January. I still question my decision nearly every day, but since I have the savings set aside to allow me to do  this, and I somewhat enjoy school, I figure I will give it a shot and see what happens.

Good luck to you, whatever you decide. I say follow your heart.

Mcolli02 (not verified) says...

Thanks for responding. I question my decision to go back to school for nursing daily as well. I think it's more fear driven, and the "what ifs" that has me questioning. As my husband has told me, I have a great support system and I'm thinking to deep about it. I just need to do it. I'll be looking into completing my prereqs since my sciences are expired. Best of luck to you!

DDVHatemyjob (not verified) says...

I am experiencing the same issue now Hate my corporate job and the politics that come with it. Been working in my field - fashion, for about 10 years. I have barely gotten anywhere with it, little reward, little knowledge. Kind of having a depressive episode and freaking out about what to do next.

SW (not verified) says...

ISFJ - 35 years old female (Dutch born Asian), married, 2 year old son

Career - After my Communications study. 1 year as Stewardess. 3 years Account Manager. 6 years Coordinating roles at Fashion Brand HQ. I figured out Human Resources would fit me and am trying to find out if that's the case by applying for jobs. Not comfortable with office politics and was not able to flourish in the fashion branche. Should have quit way earlier. Just like the others I am also trying to find out always what is actually my purpose here on earth. How do I flourish. How to get over my insecurity of public speaking and how to I stop comparing myself to others and just find something where I can grow. 

Hobbies - Writing, Reading self help books and magazines, watching Tedx getting inspired, bringing people together (organized a few dating events, realized I enjoy being in touch with people, but not being in the spotlight on the actual day of event)

Interests - children, social entrepeneurship, selfdevelopment, yoga

Isfj for life (not verified) says...

I am a female ISFJ in my late 20’s based in Aus, currently working full time as a Speech Language Pathologist and studying Law part time. I also went through a ‘depressive’ period, though I never sought a formal diagnosis. I assumed it was a quarter life crisis. 

While I love my job as a SLP, I felt I wasn’t achieving enough change. This prompted me to seek further studies in an area where I could have greater influence. It’s slow going but I’m hoping this new path will provide more satisfaction in the long term. 

Hobbies- Reading, Learning a second language (French), painting, Playing piano, visiting galleries, catching up with friends, yoga on occasion etc 

Kamile Brown (not verified) says...

Hello!  I am an ISFJ and totally relate to how you feel, I used to feel the same way.  I have turned my entire life around and am a passionate "love life" kind of person now.  I have learned so much after studying for 3 years about our personality and all the othere personalites.  I see that knowledge of the dfferent traits has brought me so much clarity in life.  I am now a personality Coach.  I take a very objective perspective and display it back to you to show you what your brain is doing.  I am targeting parents for now, but I've been coaching all people in weight and goal setting and depression and anxiety.  It seems like we are doomed to life a certain perspective sometimes with our ISFJ traits, but actually we can be freed from them and use them to our advantage.  ISFJ's are fabulous at creating patterns and seeing and guessing how others will respond.  That is a fabulous trait and also the one that makes us feel lost and not know ourselves.  Come check out my website www.solititudeforlittles.com  I will help you see your true potential!

Kamile Brown

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