I was surprised as
this test seems to be very sophisticated

So i was very curious to check the results and i read them through and it is definitely not my personality

I was a previously identified as INTJ

I will make the test some time in the future, but i usually dont answer very different in these kind of tests and i have done other tests at different times and i am consistently measured as an INTJ

i am confident i will be measured again as an ISFJ when i try in few days

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that i am a vegan?

It is just my sincere feedback, perhaps a few tweaks required in the test?



Guest (not verified) says...

Dear INTJ-person!
I was also mesured as an ISFJ allthough I know for sure that I'm an INTJ. A moment later I discovered that there is Another, longer test, which revealed my true personality: INTJ. I do realy recommend that test, the rusults were very detailed!
Good luck!


darwin.ranzone says...

I did that test and it came out i am INTJ

Thank you!

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