Hey! Wouldn't mind asking you for a bit of your time! (If anyone's here that is) I just wanted to rant for a bit and see if anyone would care and take a seat. I'm still young at the age of 13 and I'm a "Story Writer". The thing with my stories though seems to be that I don't feel like they're good enough. I write them at school when I have free time and at home. They have my characters that I made from scratch. My characters are another subject entirely though. Even my characters I feel aren't good enough. Since I don't have anyone who does the kind of thing I do in my school, I've been dying to get this off my chest, but there's nobody to talk to. When I write my stories, I feel like they're boring...Like nobody would ever want to read them. I feel like most of it is rambling anyways. I would want some opinions but I'm afraid to show anyone my stories because I feel like I'm not close enough to anyone in school, and they wouldn't give the right kinda help I want. I would love someone to help me while I write and give me ideas but...I doubt anyone would...I doubt anyone is reading this entire essay right now...But if you are, That really does mean a lot to me...And just like most INFP's do...I'm getting a bit emotional just writing this ramble...If you would like to reply and help me, go right ahead! I would really like some help, and I'll read anything anyone posts in full! If you made it to the end of all of this, then go you! I'm impressed you would pay attention to me for this long and I hope you respond! Thanks...And Bye!


Ytsiah (not verified) says...

After I read your problem of writing story, I suggest you can start by people or friends around you, characters is important, you need to think like them, act like them, feel what they feel and the best way to start this is you. Only you know what will you to do when some things happen or you can take a look at your friends, how they act and say when they see or do something. If you are INFP, ideas will never be a problem, the problem is you did't know how to express your ideas.
English is not my main language so I hope they will help you. Lastly, a tips to write a story is to know what happen in the ending to start a story.

Gabby (not verified) says...

I'm an INFP and a writer, too! Mainly, I stick to poetry, because I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM! I feel like my plots are never interesting enough or my characters don't "develop" the right way, especially compared to super-famous books out there on the shelves like Hunger Games or Harry Potter! But, INFP to INFP, don't be afraid. Don't let your overly-critical self get in the way of what you love to do! Replace all those negative thoughts with good ones, and get advice! I like to get my advice from ISTJs or ENTPs, ENTPs are super creative and they love analyzing. ISTJ know how to criticize, and they know how to criticize well (and harshly, too, so try as hard as you can not to take it personally, even though you undoubtedly will, I'm afraid).

Also, writersdigest.com is an excellent advice-giving site for writers!

I hope you never stop chasing your dreams and doing what you love. :)

lexie.white says...

I also love writing and share your passion! I've never pictured myself doing anything but writing and have been doing it for as long as I can remember. However, similar to the other people who have commented on this post and most other writers in the world, I've gone through the same internal conflict as you regarding the quality of my writing. I'm always critical of it and picking it apart, whether it's the characters, plot, theme, on and on until I've psyched myself out so much that I abandon the story for good and try something new.
Don't make the same mistakes as me!
Share your work with others. I know that it's a lot easier said than done, believe me, I know. But when I finally broke out of my shell and allowed people to read my work, I was surprised to find that... people actually liked it! It was just me, psyching myself out, that made me think my writing was bad. Granted, of course my writing isn't perfect, and getting constructive criticism and feedback is ESSENTIAL for all writers, because sometimes we can often miss the mistakes, errors, downfalls, and weaknesses of our own writing. That's why it's so great to have other people's opinion.
My final piece of advice: NEVER STOP WRITING. The only way to become good at anything is to DO IT! Write every day, no matter what the topic is. Write about how that sandwich you ate at lunch tasted like, write about a problem that's been bothering you for some time and have the main characters try to deal with it, write about something that will make the reader laugh, cry, cringe, or exult! Just write. That is the best way to hone your skill and develop it. Also, READ. Read every day. The good, the bad, and the downright terrible. Reading will benefit you as a writer more than you can possibly believe. It will help you experiment with different styles of writing, and ultimately devise your own unique and personal style. Reading good books will inspire you and teach you things about writing on an almost subconscious level, and you'll find your writing improving. Reading BAD books is equally helpful, because you can pick apart what's wrong about it and learn to avoid these same errors in your own writing.

I really hope this was helpful. These are just a few of the things I've learned about writing in my short life, but I think the main thing is to never give up. If your passionate about something, don't abandon your dream. You'll only dwell on it for your whole life, regretting not pursuing it.

Good luck:)

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