Alrighty. I am pretty much a dead even split between INTP and INFP. And I often find this leads to lots of conflicts of interest, and find it difficult to find anything that is right for me. I am working on a double major in Comp Sci and Philosophy, with a minor in graphic design. In my free time I perform professionally in an improv comedy troupe and I'm working on making a small web series. I've resigned myself to take a job that is interesting enough and pays well, and just doing things for the other side of me in my free time. I'm also often split on the matter of relationships, which may also be stemming from this, but it could be other reasons.
Does anyone have any thoughts, comments, or recommendations for me?
Thank you kindly.


Ronn Campbell (not verified) says...

Hey I'm college student too double majoring in Economics and Banking & Finance. My main objective is to understand money and how it moves. in my spare time i collect data on the stock market and sports betting and use it in ways to produce profit. I think i'm split too because i take up a lot of leadership roles where i try to help other people, sometimes i just think i'd do it better than everyone else so i do it (not trying to sound cocky). i think it's natural because 16 personality types can't group 7 billion different people.

shnazyzhee says...

While I absolutely agree that split typing must be common, I find myself in a hard position due to the opposing duality that I often run across. It's not that having a split typing is difficult for me, but the type of split it is.

Guest (not verified) says...

The Thinking and Feeling seem to play off each other. If I think too hard about a problem, I begin to empathize too much with the potential victims of the problem. If I start with the feeling side, I get caught up in trying to think of all the solutions and not completely tapping into the feelings. It's very confusing.

Sue1476 (not verified) says...

This is me as well. I identify as INFP for the most part but I'm also mechanically inclined and find I research the hell out of everything. I think it's confusing to people because I'm an artist and I hate/can't keep to a schedule, yet I'm analytical and need to have/provide concrete facts. On top of already being introverted and being more of a listener/watcher I feel like all my weird traits make others feel really uncomfortable and so they stay away.

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