Just joined today, I see a lot of spiritual growth in this personality. I am a proud ENFJ. I am also a Theosophist by thought process,born and still in a Christian religion... Esoteric Christianity is my subject of interest currently. I want to beleave that am not alone in this journey...


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Markus (not verified) says...

I was actually a bit surprised that the ENFJ-type is known as the type with the most individuals believing in a reater spiritual power. I grew up in a very catholic family, but I totally lost my faith. Which doesn´t mean I wasn´t interested in the topic, the exact opposite is the case.
For me it just felt wrong to accept a religion or one concept of a higher beeing as right and the others as wrong. I thought many years about this dilemma and came out as agnostic, which is kind of the same result as beeing atheistic, without the strong belief to be right about it. I just started to seek for meaning in the humans and not the sky, which felt genuine in the end.
I just wanted to ask if other ENFJ had a similiar thought process.

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Hey Markus

I grew up in a middle eastern country and was raised to be a strict Muslim. Despite this I could not accept that any religion is right above any other to reach the same agnostic conclusion as you. That was the one point of the ENFJ which I have disagreed with 




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