I am a 40 year old woman, 5'6" 182 lbs Brunet w blue eyes.
I am under the sign of Libra but was raised by a Leo.
Really made my childhood rough on that tune.
I am a mother of one child.
I love art,a wide variety of music,camping,fishing,crabbing but do not enjoy hunting, though I do enjoy rock hunting.
I am quite shy but very affectionate.
I am not looking for a relationship right now but would love someone to connect with in conversation.
Is there any one out there interested?


dragonflhigh.92 (not verified) says...

Hmm, I'm an INFJ Leo. INFJs are already paradoxes in themselves, what a walking contradiction I am, huh? I am curious to know what type that Leo is. Please don't think we are all the same; I can tell you, we're not. But I'm used to being misunderstood, I'm sure you relate to that as well, as a fellow INFJ.

AnotherrDragon (not verified) says...

Hi dragonflhigh

So nice to see other people like me. I just found out that there are other people like me.
For the longest time I thought I was crazy and was the only one. So good to see that I am finally home. What a relief.
I have so much to share but I live it for another occasion.


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