So I'm an INFJ, and as such, struggle way so much with making decisions...the options always feel endless and each of them makes sense!

I have a degree in fine arts and in environmental science. During my studies, I made the mistake of not listening to my instincts because instead of ES I should've done psychology or anthropology HANDS DOWN! I'm also an artist, so that I listened too. But as I'm thinking about my future (another typical INFJ thing I do lol), I can't decide how I should start incorporating more psychology/anthropology into my professional life and/or turn my environmental background to relate to that more, while continuing building on my artist career. With the thought of doing a Master's degree, what do I choose?????!!!!!!!! Psychology, anthropology, sculpture, textiles, FORENSIC SCIENCE (also awesome). I wish I could do it all at once, but alas, I'm not a super human lol.

Anyone got any advice on how I should approach these decisions??? It's stressing me out....or should I just chill and let it flow...


BSweet (not verified) says...

WHY are you struggling with the decision? I'm a developed INFJ and can maybe help.

N (not verified) says...

I'm struggling because I tend to start feeling like if I choose one path, then I might loose out on the other options. Uncertainty makes it hard for me to make a decision because I can see myself using aspects of all the subjects in different ways. Most times, I don't know what instincts to trust because I can be fully absorbed in pursuing one thing and when something reminds of my other interests my attention flips and I get reminded about my excitement in that and feel strongly about going in that direction...that's when a lot of the doubts start kicking in.

Right now I'm fully immersed in the visual arts world, working for my college but also absorbed in my own development as an artist. I love it, but as I think of what my next steps are, it's hard to solidify my goals. A lot of times I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself and just need to calm down. What do you think?

Guest (not verified) says...

Hello! I'm also an INFJ and can relate to your situation of struggling with making decisions and wanting to do everything! I studied Psychology and like to dance & photograph + appreciate & admire all kinds of art.

1. So what about something like:
art therapy ,
drama therapy , or
dance/movement therapy , ??
There are tons of options (with all kinds of arts) and in all kinds of directions (totally different therapy approaches)

2. Another option is, instead of combining things into one, work on different things separately. One as your (main) job and the others as your hobbies (one of those can also end up as a second job) I guess it would be easier if psychology/anthropology would be the main and the arts your hobby or second job (like paint and sell on a website, or being a dance teacher a couple of hours a week, or being in a drama group on weekends, or photograph weddings and other events of friends, etc.)

I chose the second option for me, I found out that that is what I want, but I also was confused on what to do with my life (work wise) (become a professional photographer or a psychologist/coach) and you can only look inside to know what you truly want. ;) Imagine yourself doing the different jobs with all aspects of it... I would choose passion #1 as (main) job and the rest for hobbies. For finding out what your passion #1 is there are many tips on the internet to how to find your passion and find out what your dream life looks like. It's too long for me to get into that right now ;)
I hope there was something useful in this comment...

PS: also get yourself as informed as you can about the differences between studying psychology and anthropology for example, because they both are very interesting but very different and what your work looks like when your done studying is very different as well. (I had anthropology as a subject and I found it very important to understand the human behavior better. Don't know if you have any psychology when studying anthropology...??)

This is getting longer and longer and I don't want to bore you... I don't know you, so I can't really tell you anything, just "shared my thoughts" ;)

N (not verified) says...

Thank you so much for all the references and the in depth response! Not too long at all. If anything, it's wonderful and really shows how engaged you were in responding, so thank you!

Every now and then I've thought about Art Therapy, and it is something I can see myself doing. Some way of engaging with others using the visual arts is an amazing tool and so inspiring to be a part of. It's made me consider being an Art Teacher, though I think I should test it out first before committing to it...I'm not so comfortable with the idea of grading people...

Your second recommendation is basically what I'm doing now :)...well it's in the making, right now the creating is on the side, but I'm hoping to have it start developing into a career/job. I love the idea of psychology/anthropology being the main. It just dawned on me that I should just ditch environmental science because I never think about it and haven't for a long time. I can feel, instinctually, that having a career as a successful visual artist is my #1 passion, but as I said to Bsweet above, I get easily distracted about the other interests I do have and then I start doubting myself. What has been working so far though is "going with the flow" as much as possible as that naturally means following my instincts.

You're absolutely right about the getting informed. That will definitely help. Sometimes the source of additional excitement, but always great to do. What did you think about anthropology in comparison to psychology? Was it anthropology that made you think understanding human behavior better is important? Because one thing that does connect all of my interest is just that: human behavior.

Talking my thoughts out with anyone who wants to listen always helps me, so believe me this is a great thing for me! I appreciate it so much.

P (not verified) says...

what I meant to say is that anthropology was for me a very important piece of the puzzle for understanding the human behavior better, but for me it was that; one piece of the puzzle, whereas psychology includes the whole puzzle, you know what I mean? Anthropology is important to understand, that a big part of our behavior depends on our culture, that a big part of us (or our personality/ego) is influenced by culture and we would be acting different if we were born somewhere else, and that is something very important to have in mind when studying the human. For me personally psychology is like: everything. I am very interested in positive psychology and just found out about spiritual psychology and that is exactly what I was searching for without even knowing it. And for me there is nothing more important than happiness, inner peace and love. And positive and spiritual psychology study that, so yeah I would recommend psychology obviously, but everybody is different. I feel though that for infj's psychology would be more interesting because if you compare a human with an onion I would say psychology studies every layer including the core/nucleus/center/essence (call it how you want), and anthropology would study one of those layers. That is just my opinion ;)

I'm also going with the flow now and learning to listen to my true self instead of my fearful ego, and I'm telling you this is magic. the key really is: be true to yourself; love and accept yourself unconditionally <3 sounds cheesy but it actually is the most powerful thing :) and understanding that we're the only ones responsible for our own happiness and for no one else's! I think I got a bit off the rails here but whatever ;P

P (not verified) says...

It's me again the INFJ Psychologist...

Here are the main psychology careers... and it is so much more than that...

gloverlicious says...

hey there. Another INFJ :) That's so cool that you can find people alike in here :)
I like psychology a lot as well but didn't want to be a shrink and listen to people complaining to me all day, it sounded kind of depressing because I feel for people a lot and sometimes I can't shake it off.
I didn't plan on it but I started working "temporarily" in a daycare with the babies. it was suposed to be me just helping them out for a few weeks till they found somebody (because I thought I cannot stand children due to crying, diapers etc) but 6 years later I am still in the nursery rocking babies to sleep :).
The reasons I fell in love with: I can satisfy my love for helping others, I express my creativity through crafts and constant room decorations and arrangements, and I went back to school for Early Childhood Development and the classes are only psychology classes and how the children's brain work... so I am loving it. I am still taking one class a semester just to keep my hunger for psych satisfied.
Just to say that maybe you can think of things outside the box. For example, as Early Childhood teacher, I don't great papers but belive me, when parents come to get their children, I sure do a lot of counseling :) you never know where life will bring you and maybe if you chill a little (I know, it's hard for me too, I need to have a plan) but maybe when the right time comes youd have the answer.

Seven (not verified) says...

Pray about it!!! I love that answer. I also stated that I did not like children but when push comes to shove I love children. Just do not want to live with them. Lol.

N (not verified) says...

Thank you so much for your wonderful reply! You're absolutely right, I should pray about it, way more often than I do already (sometimes I forget...).

I think that's exciting, when you go in a path that you didn't expect but it still works out. It's best to chill, go with the flow that moves me forward and go from there, which right now is in the visual arts. But I've been auditing creative writing and psychology classes online! So exciting :) A great way to feed my mind without obsessing over grades and tests.

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