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I'm an INFJ, but would love contributions from anyone who's willing!

I’m creating a series of works that talk about Hierarchy:
how it influences people’s behaviors, creates disparities, and helps certain people benefit while others don’t.

Economies, countries, language/cultural/racial differences, religions, the environment, the climate, history, health, the work force, gender, the human body, and so much more have experienced and show examples of hierarchy and how it affects us all.

But that’s my opinion and I’d love to hear yours. Hearing your take on what Hierarchy means to you will have a huge influence on the direction of this creative project of mine.

It's unpaid unfortunately lol. But I'd love to hear your thoughts and if anything comes to mind, feel free to call me or text me at (401) 400-0846 and leave me a message!

It'll stay anonymous and any personal information you share won’t be given to anyone else (PROMISE)

I hope to hear from you!



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Hmmm...well. I really need to go to bed right now, since it's almost 4 am and I have work in the morning. But, this is intriguing, so a quick overview should be fine.

Hierarchy, to me, is not necessarily a bad thing. I think, like most things, it depends on the people who make up that hierarchy and the intention behind it to begin with. For example, a hierarchy in the military is necessary. A soldier needs to follows orders, and there has to be a clear chain of command for things to work efficiently. That hierarchy is rigid, made up of soldiers who wish to achieve a certain set of goals. There isn't a lot of mingling between ranks. A family also has a hierarchy. At the very least, the parents are higher in the hierarchy than the children, right? But this hierarchy is generally much more malleable than that of a military. The goals are different, so the rules are different. Hierarchy, in the end, is just a system of organization that is designed to streamline a group of people so that they are more capable of achieving their goals. So long as all parties in the hierarchy understand their place, and the reasoning for that place, it is a good thing. If, however, someone uses force or pressure to exert a hierarchy on others who are unwilling to accept it, the hierarchy becomes a pressure cooker that inevitably results in a catastrophe. Okay, would go more in depth but I have to sleep now. Sorry! Hopes this helps anyways!!

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