Just wondering if there are any other older personality type fans on this particular site? I suspect the mean age here to be fairly young. I am 64 and would be interested to know if anyone else is grey and aged? :)


Jules444 (not verified) says...

I'm 58 years of age, which means I'm very close to being an official senior. I just discovered this forum tonight. I wish I'd known what personality type I was/am when I was very young. I would've chosen a more suitable career path. When I was much younger my then partner recommended a university degree I should do but I stubbornly didn't listen to him & completed a degree in something completely different. I wish I'd taken his advice.

Donna B says...

Not much on here eh?  I'm an older type...  I'm also a teacher, so looking for free resources for my students.  Meyers Briggs and Strong Inventory are interesting for younger people searching for their lot in life.  I'm an INFT.  Rare I hear.  But I guess my field suits my type.


Donna B says...

Whoops, I mean INTP! 

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